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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Halo Reach Beta is Fail

My apologies. I assumed MLG was a pro gaming thingy. Never got into the competitive scenes. There is a basic problem with your imbalanced claims though. You seem to think they are all imbalanced. That literally can't be possible. All of them cannot be the best.

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one will always be better...competive fps is all about simplicity look at counter striker h2 and h3 oh and i almost forgot quake and unreal

homicidaIpanda said:
Mendicate Bias said:
I'm not going to bother arguing with you since you clearly don't understand logic but I will say a few more things and then leave this thread.

Go to every single old school Halo gamer and 90 percent of the new school gamers love Halo Reach. Stop lying and saying the Halo veterans hate it when all us Halo:CE player can't get enough of it. The powers are balanced your just not good enough of a player to take advantage of them. I would post a video of me playing and absolutely destroying kids with armor lock, camo and jet packs if I had a capture card since you clearly need a tutorial.

MLG has always modified the game types and they will do the same thing with Reach. They will make custom loadouts so most of the things you hate will be gone. Although that won't make a difference since you are clearly horrible at the game.

The majority of the people who hate the game are the people who suck at it. Prove me wrong and tell me your gamertag so I can look at your stats. Like I said before I'm glad that Bungie made a game that requires so much skill, the incessant whining of scrubs like you who think they were good at Halo before is proof of this.

@giznmo--never said I was pro story though

Hopefully that is true and they get rid of all the loadout stuff for mlg mode...I said I like the game but it doesnt feel like halo..slayer pro is cool...mlg hasnt really been big since 08, that want I read...Mlg is even accepting mw2 lol

I dont like halo reach competeivly atm, buts its beta...If I want to play a competive mp fps Ill play counterstrike for pc.


I don't know where you've been but MLG is bigger than ever and no MW2 isn't on the main circuit, its not even on the online circuit, its only on Game Battles.

In terms of competitive attributes Reach is almost there with Halo:CE, although some things do require a few tweaks which MLG will adjust in their playlist, followed by Halo 3 and finally Halo 2.

You can say that console shooters don't require aiming skill, and most don't, but Halo:CE and now Reach require immense shooting capabilities. Never in a thousand years could a novice out shoot a pro in Halo:CE and from my experience it's the same with Reach.


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JaggedSac said:
Sardauk said:
I like it 200%.
Even with tons of new features included, it still feels "Halo".

On the other hand, I don't find the graphics very good compared to the videos...that is probably because it is a beta I guess...

The graphics probably are not going to change very much.  I believe they stated that there will be some SSAO added that could not be done in time for the beta.  I find the graphics respectable.  Not the greatest thing on earth, but they get the job done.

Yes but there is no lightning effects at the moment. Halo 3 and ODST have great ones so....

It was probably turned off for the beta.


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This is why it's called a beta not the actual final build

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On a sidenote, why can't we see individual medal breakdowns anymore? It's annoying that you can see the total medals someone has, see how many of each they had on top medals, but can't go to anyone's profile and see a medal by medal breakdown of how many of each you had.

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^ My only answer to you is tell them about it yourself: !

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i hope playing later and longer will change your mind.


1,170,112 people played the game on its first day (Monday), racking up 157,972,986 kills.
- this beta must be very shitty.



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Phobos said:

1,170,112 people played the game on its first day (Monday), racking up 157,972,986 kills.
- this beta must be very shitty.

the numbers have dropped alot since then...its as halo in the name people thought is was going to be a halo game. Halo 3 numbers have risen back up...not as high as reach, but halo 3 was never as high as mw2...get the picture?