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oh so was this written in 2009? so by next e3 they mean e3 2010??

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^yes. I feel the topic creator did it on purpose to make us mad. D:

ooo now Im even more excisted, if thats even possible

tio_coyote said:
andremop said:
First person Zelda... just for the slingshot, bow, boomerang and hook... no, the awesome Clawshot.

Motion plus in this game will be the revolution. They'll use motion in ways never used before. That's my guess. Gameplay... Not graphics (although I'd like to see Z:WW style again). Not voice acting. Not cutscenes and surely not "Final Fantasy Zelda".

You gotta be kiddng, Cel shadd graphics almost killed the zelda series! people didnt like it (me included) Wind Waker alongside Luig's Mansion were Nintendos main mistakes in the gamecube era. And for the record everyone cried joyfully when Twilight Princess was announced , this just shows peole didnt like the WW styled zeldas.

Yet, 7 years after released, to me it still looks better than 99,9% of the games today - and yes, that includes the Killzones and uncharteds and Alan Wakes. So that's why I like it... it just won't age. Won't be surpassed because it's almost timeless.

I will believe it when i see. And when i see it, i will play it.

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I completely agree with puffy, it'll definitely be a radical change in STRUCTURE.No dungeons is my bet.

They should add some elements of zelda 2 experience pts and power ups attacks. They should think about combos that u can do with motion controls. Give Link more outfits; would be cool. U know like armor shoes to different tunics that can add defense and speed. oh bring back the magic meter would be awesome and give zelda some spells that he or fiery can cast would be sweet.

As I've been saying, it's going to be a combination of First and Third person with WiiMotion Plus support for Sword/Shield and as close to full motion controls as the Wii can get.

Miyamoto has been hinting at this for years with the past games he's worked on and multiple interviews.

Six upcoming games you should look into:



I'm guessing/ hoping for an open ended sandbox type of Zelda game, sorta like MH3.

Structure of any Zelda game:

1. Princess/Hyrule is in peril.
2. Brave warrior uses bravery to remedy said peril.
3. Moves from dungeon to dungeon gaining new abilities which unlock next dungeon, fights boss in each one. Dungeons are puzzle based with intermittent fighting.
4. Gather trophy/triforce at end of each dungeon, in order to join at end of game to help with ending peril/evil/ect.
5. Overworld is used to travel between dungeons, interact with NPCs and stores, and to explore using said abilities to unlock special items, including maps, bottles to carry things, spells, heart containers, heart pieces, and magical increases. Overworld is occasionally transversable in more than one way, including vehicles, animals, and on foot.

Majora's Mask broke up the formula to a degree, by adding time as a variable, and giving you a central hub style overworld, rather than an open one.

Majora's Mask is about as small of a change in the formula as one would expect, and even that small of a change made the game vastly different. Let's hope Nintendo does something at least as gamechanging as they did in MM.

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