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Good question. Quite a few this gen, but these are my biggest regrets:

PS3 - BLAZBLUE: I can see why people say it's good, but it made me realise that I'm not as good at fighting games as I thought I was. Really steep learning curve and I can't be bothered really.

PS3 - KILLZONE 2: Picked this up for £20 and not sure why. Decent game, but I was never gonna play this as much as I play COD and I can't be arsed with the trophies.

WII - LITTLE KING'S STORY: Again, a decent game but I knew deep down when I paid the £10 that I would never find the time to play it. I gotta stop impulse buying.

DS - MEGA MAN ADVENT: Guess I just wanted to have another Mega Man experience like X4 and X6 but on a handheld and two generations after those games. Man I was wrong.

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This gen i regret paying full price for Kill zone 2, Halo 3 and FF 13. I bought Kill zone 2 and Halo 3 the first week they were released and trade them in within 2 weeks of the purchase date. I didn't even make it to the end of Kill zone 2 before i had enough but online was fun. I beat Halo 3 but didn't get much enjoyment out of the single player. I played hours of halo 1 and 2 online with my boys and halo 3 was just played out for me. I was so hyped for ff13, but since i bought it i've only put in about 7 hours. I just cant feel this game at all. Maybe since the old FF days i've played so many open world rpgs i hate being stuck on this single path every where i go.

Final Fantasy 12, ohh the horror.

This gen it's paying full price on Final Fantasy 13, should have waited until it hit 1/2 full price.

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Kane and Lynch, such a shitty game.

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Killzone 2, New super mario bros. and Gears of war, 1 for each system, each overhyped piles of boring crap.

andremop said:
batman returns for the SNES. You might remember it form a AVGN episode. That game sucks so bad it makes me cry for my wasted childhood.

I think you might be thinking of Batman Forever which was a travesty!

Batman returns was made by Konami and while it's nothing epic, it's a fairly decent beat em up.

Lies! Batman Returns was epic, it's one of the best 2D side scrollers. It's as good as the Batman game on the NES, the one made by Sunsoft.


As for games I regret buying, Resistance 2. What a garbage game. Boring single player, bad multiplayer and a terrible main character.

need for speed something for the ds. I asked my sister to get me the 360 version and she messed up. Why o why did i decide to try it anyway. I also regret purchasing left 4 dead 2. Hardly played it at all. Surprising since left 4 dead was one of my favorite games this gen. Although this may be because since it came out alongside cod all my friends were playing cod instead. L4D is just plain not fun if you aren't playing with your friends.

Most of the FPS I purchased in 2008/2009.

GRAW Never liked it, barely played it.
Unreal Tourney III - Wasn't able to play it much right at launch and then the community died so quickly that it was fairly worthless.
Chromehounds - the community broke the game almost immediately.

I've bought close to 150 games this gen, and I have very few regrets. A couple I may wish I had waited and gotten them for $15 less on sale or something, but there's only a couple that

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