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Probably all my wii games except Metroid Prime 3. Such a shitty console

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pokemon platinium: not like I expected

all mario parties but 6: 6 was awesome, sadly none of the othe were good

dk: barrel blast: dissapointing racing

fifa something: not my style

Little Big Planet on ps3 and Madworld on Wii

escape from bug island
my aquarium
wii sports resort
World of Goo
Tatsunoko vs. Capcom
Grill-Off with Ultra Hand

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Oblivion on 360

CoD:WaW on Wii - I only got it because my son & friend were badgering me to get it so we could all play online, but I sucked so bad they didn't want to continue playing with me. Couldn't get into the storymode either. Believe it not, much preferred Conduit's single player.


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amp316 said:
Dead Space: Extraction is a very poor game. I mean it's good when you actually are playing it, but that's only like 25% of the time. The rest of the game is walking and talking and you watching the walking and talking.

Oh, and Boom Blox stinks. I've stated this several times.

Bash Party or original?

games I regret buying...

- Rainbow 6: vegas (did clock it but gah)
- Cross Edge (...)

- Worms open warfare 2. (online was dead from the start)


Probably just buying The Force Unleashed and Star Ocean at full price. At least I know I'll finish Star Ocean, but TFU was pretty short, and I doubt I'll play it again anytime soon.

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forest-spirit said:
I regret spending approximately $10 on Lair.
I don't have a 360 so I kinda regret buying Eternal Sonata for 360. But the cover is pretty.

I own Nights for the Sega Saturn even though I don't own one but I got it for free along with FF8 and MGS for the PS1.

OT:  SaGa Frontier has to be the biggest regret that game is terrible.  When it comes to recent games I go with Enchanted Arms and the Last Remnant at least I got those two for less money then what it cost me to buy SaGa Frontier.

I regret buying The Conduit at full price.