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MadWorld. Ugh, what a pile of shit.

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littlebigplanet and facebreaker!

Prince of Persia on PS3. Not that bad, but compared to the old ones... This is the most repetitive game ever created, that's for sure.

final fantasy 12
damn I loved FF10 but somehow I didn't get into ff12

Warhammer 40k: Firewarrior.

Actually I take that back, it was hilarious as a joke of a game.

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Madworld and The Conduit. I had a little fun playing both, but I should have just rented them.

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None but I wish I didnt spend so much on Brutal Legend and FEAR


Modern Warfare 2 and Dragon Age for me. I can't believe I bought Dragon Age over Demon souls = [


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Trash panic ( so hard and not fun)