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Forums - General Discussion - The Real Cause of Islamic Fundamentalism is Hitler.

The real cause was Australia, the place where Hitler was born.


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Wasn't it Austria?

OT: please tell me you're joking.

Carl2291 said:
I'm not going to even read this. I'm just going to say...

Muslims and Jews have been at war for hundreds of years.

No they haven't.  Conflict between Jewsand Muslim didn't start until this century with the founding of Israel.  Before that, Jews lived peacefully alongside Muslims, Jews even fled Europe and moved to Arab countries because of Christian persecution during the Dark Ages.

I do think the mechanism for Germans hating Jews and Muslims hating Jews is the same.  After WWI, radical Germans needed someone to blame for its embarassing loss of power, and the Jewish minority was an easy target.  For radical Muslims, they need someone to blame for their fall from power, specifically the Ottoman Empire which was the last powerful Islamic state, and the founding of Israel made targeting the Jewish minority even easier.

The real cause of "fundamentalism" is is a TOTAL LACK OF FAITH in the individual's god construct.

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I wonder why Hitler never rolled into the Middle East. He could of taken it easily... the area was pro-nazi due to British mistreatment and it offered plenty of Oil.

Also it presented the perfect underbelly attack to Russia.

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Packie said:

Wasn't it Austria?

OT: please tell me you're joking.

No, no, Austria is that country next to New Holland.

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oh god,not this thing again.I have a kid in my class who is like some propaganda machine.24/7 its " OMG KILL the JEWS" or "Hitler was my hero"...I mean seriously ,as soon as he hears that someone is a jew,he starts saying how stupid and retarted they are.The ironic thing is that theres an chritian nutjob in my class as well and this kid ( who im talking bout originally) always says how retarted he is,when in fact their both equally messed up and are btoh fundamentalists.I swear one day im actually gonna report him to the police or something...i can just see him in a few years time killing some people in the name of his religon.

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Shame about the poor choice thread title, because that was actually really interesting. I:m quite curious as to what those broadcasts had to say about Christianity and Islam.

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As Stof said, shame about the poor thread title. I came in ready to rant about how the Islamic world generally stopped being progressive about a 1000 years ago long before Hitler, but the content was actually rather interesting.

Nope, but I'm sure it doesn't help the situation.