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Forums - Sony Discussion - PS3 Firmware 3.21 Causing Lots of Problems

PSN was under maintenance earlier today, if people have been having any issues during the day. Otherwise, I've yet to have substantial (if any) problems after a firmware update.


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Its unbelievable, how many consoles have been destroyed from these updates? Every new release causes some sort of problems.

At some point PS3 Slims are gonna be the only working units.

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I have an old 60 GB, no problems.

Yet to have any problems with updates. Poor snubs

my ps3 was fine, i have had friends who experienced these problems via the update before





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my ps3 is still with sony so who knows if it's giving them more trouble

launch 60gb and have never had no problems from a firmware (besides the leap year problem).

i have a 2007 40 gig, i've done every firmware update, and i've never had a single problem. my son has an even older 40 gig, and he hasn't had any problems either.

Ah crap, that might explain why my brother and I have both started getting disk loading problems at the same time.

We both put in disks and the disk slides in and out fine, but it's just not recognising it on the XMB.

We both have Phats. His one is worse than mine, mines intermittent, his constantly can't read disks.

I just thought we both got the disk read problem at the same time.

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I haven't had a problem with any of the firmwares at all, stop blaming the f'n firmwares, this has gone on for way too long!