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It's like 5 seconds...No biggy there.

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I am with twestern on this. Its annoying to remember to go back and sync your trophies if you have already turn off the console. At the very least it should sync before it turns off system or quit out of the game. I forgot to do this last night when i played GoW collection. I thought something was wrong with my system when I didn't see my trophies come up on the website this afternoon.

I'm just saying...

Hmm, so I synced my trophies this afternoon during lunch and refreshed my online ID page (even changed it to a Ghostbusters them woohoo) and it's still not showing up on my PlayFire card. ;_;

I just do it whenever I happen to pass over the button. Makes it for a fun and exciting adventure.

Ever since the Apocaplys3, ps3 cards have been having updating issues, no idea why. Took ages for mine to update.

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So Sony fans are okay with syncing their trophies every time they play, but they have a HUGE problem when they have to switch a disc once or twice?

PearlJam said:
So Sony fans are okay with syncing their trophies every time they play, but they have a HUGE problem when they have to switch a disc once or twice?

Don't make generalizations.  Disc swapping isn't a huge deal to me but it is a bigger deal than pressing 1 button.


1 button or get off the couch (and open up case, grab new disc, replace old disc in case, hit eject, stuff like that).


Both are very small inconveniences, but 1 is smaller than the other.

But you may have to change the disc once or twice during the entire game, and it usually takes several hours to have to do it again. This is something you have to do every time with PS3.

It's like the netflix thing. It's no big deal that you need a disc to watch anything on PS3, but when a 360 game has to do it once or twice it is seen as a negative.

Swapping is dependent on the game, but yeah most don't require swapping too often.

I think putting in the netflix disc is a negative, who ever said it wasn't a negative?

I think auto-synching would be nice (as would a bunch of other small tweaks), but I usually look at my trophies regardless (even if it did auto sync), so, for me the lack of auto sync doesn't change anything for me.

But yes, it's nice to have just as no disc swapping is nice to have.

Meh, I consider disc swapping and auto-sync two different things.

For the most part, I don't consider disc-swapping a problem, though I am annoyed with the Netflix thing but that's only because it's every time I want to use Netflix and I already have it somewhere else where I don't have to use a disc at all. It doesn't bother me much on a game because it's every 10+ hours I have to switch a disc.

I guess I could compare syncing to the Netflix disc swapping since every time I want to see my trophies somewhere else I have to resync.

And that's good to know the playFire cards aren't updating, I was going crazy as to why mine wasn't updating.