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What internet browser do you use?

Chrome 839 20.60%
Firefox 2,374 58.30%
Internet Explorer 388 9.53%
Opera 213 5.23%
Safari 242 5.94%
Other 16 0.39%

Story of my life.

Chances are that if you're on Vgchartz right now, then you're viewing it through one of the many fine web browsers that the world has to offer. And if you're any bit of an internet enthusiast, then you probably know why the internet browser you use is just flat-out better than the rest. I use Google Chrome, but I won't go into any depth on why (I've got to stay unbiased as the Poll Administrator!). So with this poll, vote for your favorite browser, and defend its name. And if your favorite browser isn't there, vote Other (but seriously, what else would you be using, Netscape?). But first, a shameless plug:

Top 5 Downloadable Songs For The Beatles: Rock Band - Vocals

And now that that's done with, let's move on to another amazing song of the week. This week:

This song is just amazing. Now, not every amazing song of the week will be by the Beatles (or a former Beatle), but they're just that good. Now, finally moving on to the poll. The epic battle between browsers rages on, and you've been called up to fight. Fight valiantly for your browser of choice in this weekly poll:


What internet browser do you use?



Internet Explorer





This poll can be found on the front page, under the hardware numbers.



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Google Chrome


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