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Why did you buy your PS3? (The strongest reason.)

Brand loyalty. 93 22.20%
Blu-ray. 47 11.22%
Exclusive games. 181 43.20%
Reliability of hardware. 30 7.16%
Free online play - PSN/web browser. 20 4.77%
Other (Please describe below) 48 11.46%

FF for starters.

Who's the best Pac, Nas, and Big. Just leave it to that.

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I wanted to have the best and most advanced console ever made

I bought it the same day with a Wii



Other: price reached a point, where it was worth the investment (to me).

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Absolutely strongest reason. Bluray. I was wanting a game console (which I was leaning towards the PS3 anyway for God of War series, Resident Evil, Metal Gear and Final Fantasy all of which I knew 100% for certain I could get on the PS3). At the time it was still pretty expensive to get a PS3 ($500).

So, my plan was to hold off for a little while, but I just got a new TV so I wanted a bluray player definitely right now.

So, I'd say bluray was my biggest reason for buying a PS3 *WHEN I DID* though I would have bought one in general at a later point in time even if it didn't have bluray.

Absolutely strongest reason


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best exclusive games

free online for cod 6, mgs4, heavy rain, and turismo 5

Last year's game of the year turned out to be Silent Hill : Shattered Memories (online GOTY was COD 6).  This year's GOTY leader to me is Heavy Rain.

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