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Why did you buy your PS3? (The strongest reason.)

Brand loyalty. 93 22.20%
Blu-ray. 47 11.22%
Exclusive games. 181 43.20%
Reliability of hardware. 30 7.16%
Free online play - PSN/web browser. 20 4.77%
Other (Please describe below) 48 11.46%

Hi all,

There's probably been threads about this but still..

I'm curious to see the top choice for why you purchased your PS3 system.

I would say mine would be brand loyalty - My first console was the NES, then SNES before switching side per se to Sony and their PS1. Good times on all those consoles. Well maybe not so much NES lol. Anyway we kinda just stuck with PlayStation, as I eventually got a PS2 slim. I thoroughly enjoyed playing the PS2 GTA games and eventually bought my PS3 40GB GTA IV bundle for AU$729 in June 2008. Expensive? Yes. But keep in mind when the original PS3 model first launched in Australia it retailed for AU$999.95, a thousand dollars really. Quite the bargain in comparison.^_^

Anyway brand loyalty was the deciding factor why I purchased a PS3 as opposed to any other 7th generation console. Also, blu-ray and the PSN being free sealed the deal for me personally. Of course some people purchase multiple consoles for different reasons.

So why did you buy your PS3?

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FFXIII to start with

FF(v)XIII + W-LAN + free online = Want

Looking forward to: FF Versus XIII / LBP2 / The Last Guardian / Yakuza 4 / ICO Collection

MGS4 and GTA4

It was without a doubt for the games. Everything else was a bonus!


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freeeeeeee onllliiinnnneeeeeee

because PS2 had the best RPGs of its gen, and i wanted to continue.. and well, after years of RPG-lessness, theyre coming finally. (my first Console was a Wii, and after the 360 though, because of Lost Odyssey, Infinite Undiscovery and some more.)

I'm a Foreigner, and as such, i am grateful for everyone pointing out any mistakes in my english posted above - only this way i'll be able to improve. thank you!

Well as for me it was all about the games. I had the ps1..regretted not getting a ps2...and then once the ps3 was out, i looked forward to the BC since it would cover the ps2 games as well. but the price totally turned me off and so I was considering getting a 360.

anyway I waited around a little (school sucking up most of my time anyway so i didn't buy a console) and as the price of the ps3 started going down, features started going down as bc. but in the end the reliability of the ps3 over the 360 was somewhat important (this expectance of systems breaking down this gen. is sega genesis still plays sonic 2 just fine thank you very much and my nes plays super mario 3 just fine)

but most importantly I just compared the exclusives btwn the 360 and the ps3 and I just preferred the ps3 exclusives. mgs4, gow, uncharted, infamous, demon's souls, ratchet and future exclusives like the last guardian and heavy rain while the only 360 games that i will miss playing are gears, fable and mass effect

free online


bang for the buck i didnt have to buy no extra stuff for it like battery chargers or online subscriptions ect.

biggest name in gaming

brand loyalty ps1 and 2 owned all not only in sales but in games

it was black and shiny too and the sku that i have has ps2 B/C

but in reality the 360 still is a good gaming machine and ps3 only owners like myself should give credit to there games like gears, l4d, and alan wake didi you see those screens selnor posted of alan wake?


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hahah I was the only one that chose reliability of hardware...Anyway there were other reasons as well.The main one was that I prefer Japanese consoles but I hate the controls of Wii...