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Forums - Sony Discussion - Why did you buy your PS3? (The strongest reason.)


Why did you buy your PS3? (The strongest reason.)

Brand loyalty. 93 22.20%
Blu-ray. 47 11.22%
Exclusive games. 181 43.20%
Reliability of hardware. 30 7.16%
Free online play - PSN/web browser. 20 4.77%
Other (Please describe below) 48 11.46%

Final Fantasy

Metal Gear Solid 4

Gran Turismo 5


That's as far as 2007/8 was concerned.

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i was drunk!

Blu-Ray. I think if the poll was available for a far more wider audience, I think, Blu-ray will defo come on top by far. Lets all be honest, the fact that exclusive games is running at the top just seems like a joke, because the sales figures for PS3 exclusives are a joke.

I bought it for Disgaea 3 technically.
I did expect a lot of JRPGs on it though, which didn't happen for a long time.

Backwards Compatibility. I figured since I had the money and I needed a new PS2, I picked up the PS3. I figured that 360 would eventually drop in price and then maybe it had a handful of games I wanted to play, I would pick one up. (not a shooter fan)

I'm just saying...

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Free online was among the reasons, another was that I skipped ps1 and ps2 (was a PC gamer for a while, still am) and wanted to play some classic (got BC compatibility )
But a important reason was that it is a GREAT mediacenter, a bluray/dvd player and I can even browse the web hey!

Metal Gear 4, God of War 3 and Final Fantasy (even after MS announcement).

This is actually more of an all of the above type thing other then brand loyalty.

I wanted my free online, I love it's exclusives, I wanted blu-ray and my xbox had already broke a few times.

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For the awesome games Playstation has to offer. Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Metal Gear Solid 4, etc.

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Fuck Steve Harvey. FREE EARL!

Final Fantasy Versus XIII will be the GREATEST game EVER made!!!

I'd take a bullet for Square-Enix!