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Seece said:

Fuck off activision.


I should expand, activision seem to be the only company geared by getting profits, fuck game quality and consumers, it's money money money as far as they're concerned.

EA and Battlefield series?


But yeah


Activision can fuck off, let them make there own console and flop out of the business.


Hey Activision, Dont get ATARI'D BITCH!



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y activision always cries on console prices?

heruamon said:
Errrr....EA's boss said something similiar about a week ago...Price cuts for consoles were too little too late...

Of course they did.  It's like those who sell cars to make money and those who sell petrol.  If I sell petrol so far as I'm concerned (in purest terms) the cheaper cars are the better - and the unrealizable ideal would be if they were free.  That way I get to sell more petrol and make more money.

If I'm EA or Activision or any publisher the cheaper the consoles are the better from my point of view.  It's not my problem MS and Sony, for example, put in expensive tech or have to sell at a loss - I sell games and the more consoles sold the better.  Simple price elasticity indicates the cheaper something is the more it will sell (ignorning other complications and underlying demand  and market size of course) and therefore the cheaper the better for the HW to produce a bigger market for the games.

The caveat for the console makers (and the complication) is they get a cut on the games, too (so far as I'm aware).  Otherwise the situation would reverse nicely and they'd want games to be free to encourage the most people to buy the console to get at them.  I imagine that is the nub of the situation which makes EA, etc. feel they have a fair claim on the HW side as they only make money on the games while in theory the console makers can make money on the HW and the consoles.  Of course, the fact the console might be sold at a loss is the other complication as the console makers then need to balance the money from more games vs the loss from more consoles to try and pick the sweet spot.


Try to be reasonable... its easier than you think...

Yeah, sure, like price0cuts drive momentum.

Above: still the best game of the year.

I'm pretty sure every game publisher would like it if consoles were cheaper and more people bought them.

But the whole "in this economic gloom" part is dung. Game sales are at all time highs. It's just that most the games are now way more expensive to make and most people are buying Wii's

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Oh take a fuck off tablet, would ya.

Seriously, Sony can't afford to, I also don't think Microsoft is ready to do so either, and Nintendo doesn't need to.

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Kojima: Come out with Project S already!

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I think activision makes really generic games in the first place (IMOB). I have never been a fan of the call of duty games, so that may be my bias talking (lol). The fact is activision needs consoles more than consoles need activision. If Call of Duty was pc only, the number we see from the console ports probably would not translate into sales for the pc. They must have lost their mind back when the first modern warfare sold as much as it did. Now they are going all gabe newell on our asses. Bottomline is that if they had to survive on PC, they would not be talking crap like they do these days.

This guys a joke.

Is hilarious how they say consoles need price cuts when they increased the price for what was pretty much a cut+paste sequel. Literally, MW1 PC hacks work on MW2 without editing.