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    $90 million canned Halo MMO

    in Microsoft Discussion on 13 April 2010

    Acevil said:Ensemble gets shut down for still making good projects....but yet Rare still exists.... +1...

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    To Microsoft and Nintendo fans

    in Gaming Discussion on 20 March 2010

    MontanaHatchet said:I've always found it interesting how there are people who will play a variety of different genres, and then claim there aren't many games from a certain publisher or studio that interest them. This generation, Sony has developed or published a large number of great games from dozens of different genres. They've published great shooters (Uncharted 1 and 2, Killzone 2),...

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    Sega talks PS Move, MadWorld sequel, new core Wii game at E3

    in Gaming Discussion on 19 March 2010

    Nintendogamer said:Madworld 2, the conduit 2 and the grinder remains FPS for wii then I'm happy. I did not know this game was a FPS?  Conduit is a given and I would not hold my breath on whether the Grinder is a FPS, it looks to be a top down shooter (hopefully this game is a downloadable title on both the psn and xbl)....

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    Which console do you think Kingdom Hearts 3 will be on?

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 March 2010

    I still think it could wind up on the PSP, but if not I know that it will "at least" be on the PS3....

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    Best casual controller, Wiimote or Natal?

    in Gaming Discussion on 11 March 2010

    PSMove or the Wiimote will prove to be the only casual friendly controllers in my opinion. natal may prove cool for a PC interface, but as for gaming I am not convinced yet....

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    Portal 2 coming to 360/PC NOT ps3

    in Microsoft Discussion on 07 March 2010

    I am sorry what is Portal?...

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    Poll: Which HD console will reach 15m in Others first?

    in Sales Discussion on 05 March 2010

    Ps3 easily due to the resurgence of interest in the high quality titles only available on the console. So I see it like PS3 in 2 1/2 weeks followed by the 360 in 3 to 31/2 weeks respectively....

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    Biggest innovation in gaming this generation?

    in Gaming Discussion on 02 March 2010

    For me the biggest innovation is that the story telling medium has become more descriptive; this probably lends itself to the overall graphical power difference this generation of consoles has over the previous. I feel like I am looking at real people with real emotions, not to mention the great strides the industry has taken with full motion capture, audio effects, physics, and graphical...

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    Valve: 'We messed up on PS3'

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 February 2010

    Twistedpixel said: SickleSigh said:So when Ps3 starts to sell better they would like to develop for the Ps3. Aren't these the same guys that said Sony mest up and should just end Ps3 cycle and start over? Seems like it's not integrity they have. They just didn't see enough money in Ps3 until now. Well noone at that point in the PS3s life cycle expected Sony to dump 4+ Billion...

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    Will you rent or buy Heavy Rain?

    in Sony Discussion on 27 February 2010

    Bought it at launch and have been enjoying it ever since. Cannot wait to get the free DLC for the Taxidermist (code cannot be used until march 4)....

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    It is awesome, buy a PS3 guys

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 February 2010

    Fei-Hung said:maybe thats not good enough either since there is no masterchief and marcux fenix on the ps3.... actually im wrong, masterchief is available on ps3 lol my bad lol Yeah as a mod on unreal tournament 3, but so is marcux fenix, mario, princess peach,  and every other game character in gaming history lol....

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    Is there any cheap quality mics compatible with PS3s?

    in Sony Discussion on 26 February 2010

    Any usb head set with mic is compatible with the ps3. Also check circuitcity.com, they have a blue tooth head set called brio that is only 9.99+6.99 for shipping. If you do not have a credit card, just go to radio shack and check out any of their usb headset+mics for as little as 17 dollars....

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    so whats peoples opinions on Heavy Rain **No spoilers please**

    in Sony Discussion on 26 February 2010

    Rei said:Finished it today. Took me 11 hours or so. It's better than Fahrenheit in pretty much everything. The gameplay didnt see much of an improvement but everything else did. Most importantly the characters are memorable and the plot makes a lot more sense and has less holes than in Fahrenheit. However, Heavy Rain is no graphical masterpiece. How many times did you "finish" it?...

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    Why the hate for white knight chronicles.

    in Sony Discussion on 20 February 2010

    I think it is "worth" the purchase at 54.99 (amazon). I have the game and like everyone else has said, the game dazzles online. I have not actually finished the game, but I am really addicted to jumping online with 3 friends and taking down some of the larger beast that live in this well fleshed out virtual world. The game has some humor as well that will just adds to the already wonderful...

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    Sony Cambridge working on a new IP for ps3

    in Sony Discussion on 17 February 2010

    I can only hope that they are working on either a sequel to the Getaway, Eight days, or maybe even the rumored ps3 version of syphon filter. Either one of these games would truly make my day....

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    Xbox Live for Mobile?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 15 February 2010

    What a minute! Is there going to be a charge for access to this service on the Zune HD or is this going to be like windows live and remain a free service? It may be too early to tell, but this does seem pretty interesting none the less....

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    Activision calls for console price cuts

    in Sales Discussion on 13 February 2010

    I think activision makes really generic games in the first place (IMOB). I have never been a fan of the call of duty games, so that may be my bias talking (lol). The fact is activision needs consoles more than consoles need activision. If Call of Duty was pc only, the number we see from the console ports probably would not translate into sales for the pc. They must have lost their mind back...

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    FlOw free on PSN - today only!

    in Sony Discussion on 13 February 2010

    whoa? When was Dead Knights for free? Well at least you guys in UK get dark mist, first crack at all final fantasy ps1 games, and Vagrant Story (which has not appeared on U.S. PSN). Do not get me started on VidZone, BBC player, and that TV digital tuner/DVR functionality....

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    God of war 3 Demo

    in Gaming Discussion on 11 February 2010

    Or you can buy district 9 blu-ray and the demo is included with it. This may have been a first come first served thing but that is how I got the demo....

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    PS3 vs. X360: Star Ocean Comparison

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 February 2010

    It looks like the ps3 screens were taken with a digital camera and the 360 versions were screen captures. I have the game and it looks nothing like the shots given for the ps3 version. Heck the 360 version (my brother has it) looks better than the shots given for it as well. They look identical to tell the truth, my brother has an arcade so the ps3 version loads faster based off the disk drive...

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