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Super Mario Bros HD
Donkey Kong Country 4
Pikmin 3

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Once he sad that he would love to work with Nights, i think i could also ask that ,cuz Nights is a hell of concept , and is too good to sega ...(nothing against but you know Nights on the Wii was just GOOD , and that is not what Nights on the supposed to be , it should be amazing!)


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Hisiru said:
Give me a job!

I second that, but ia bit more spot on: Hire me!!!

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My Top 3:

#1. Pikmin 3
#2. Luigi's Mansion 2
#3. Pikmin D.S or Pikmin handheld(Next handheld)

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I would say Wii Nap with vitality sensor than makes you go to sleep

You know what I would say?

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Hire me as a tester!

I want him to make a FPS mario game that's rated M. Yeah. I've been wanting that only because. I want to see how its like

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^^^ That would be..... weird

Why are everyone here saying they want pikmin 3?
It's already in development