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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - And if Miyamoto asks you "What do you want me to do next ?"

I would tell him:

"I trust you kamisama, do what your heart tells you...


but now that you ask, can I grope you?"

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I would just say, "You know;)"

I would probably vomit from the pressure, then he would be put off and walk away.
But if I managed to keep inner fluids....inner, I would ask him for a new custom Robo, with his guidance in the development.

You can't really get enough mechas lol

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forest-spirit said:
I would say: "Surprise me!".

The best answer you possibly could give.

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get EAD1 on star fox, help EAD4 with Pikmin 3 and get EAD Tokyo to do a new IP after galaxy 2

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Dampfi said:
NeoGohan said:
Donkey Kong Country 4

Just imagine DK4 in 2d...

me too. But I don't think Nintendo holds the license for DKC.


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I would love to see Miyamoto try his hand at 3D Sonic. It'd be interesting to see what he comes up with (Sonic in Super Mario Galaxy 2! Believe! )

Also, I would want him to do an Avatar video game. Seeing as Ubisoft had no idea what the heck they were getting into. *shakes fist at Ubisoft* Make being a Na'vi fun for Pete's sake.

i'd tell him to please not wait 20 years to make another classic 2d mario.

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An adventure game... yes zelda comes from your youth when you explored caves and the country arround kyoto already, but, although it's my favorite series, your creativity could be use to create an other adventure, just as epic as this one, but different.


morenoingrato said:
Since chrono trigger isn't their ip I'll tell them:
"make mario rpg 2 WITH geno"

Tell him to buy the ip!!!