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To continue doing his best, nothing more.


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a 2d rpg.

I would tell him to make a new Zelda DS game, featuring the return of Koholint Island! Except it is a different Link, and he wonders why everyone recognizes him... MARIN!!!! :D

It would have to feature all of the fun Mario references too!!!

I'd say, keep on doing what you do. But please consider Star Fox while you do what you do.

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too many to name, but I would def ask him to bring back Kid Icarus, Faxanadu, and a few other NES franchises

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A new rpg game along the lines of the Paper Mario series with multiple character from various Nintendo games! Kind of like Kingdom Hearts but mostly like Paper Mario starring Link! Or Donkey Kong Country 4

morenoingrato said:
morenoingrato said:
Since chrono trigger isn't their ip I'll tell them:
"make mario rpg 2 WITH geno"

Tell him to buy the ip!!!

Agreed Square-Enix doesen't seem to want anyting to do with Chrono anymore!  Nintendo should buy it and have Monolith Software make it since some of them are former Square employees who made Chrono Cross!

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i would dump the contents of my house and/or neighborhood at his feet. "got any ideas yet?"

and the end result would no doubt be something amazing.

STAR FOX!!!zzzz....