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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - And if Miyamoto asks you "What do you want me to do next ?"

Since chrono trigger isn't their ip I'll tell them:
"make mario rpg 2 WITH geno"

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Mario [american] football and Rugby!

Or any other sport Mario hasn't played yet (mario volleyball anyone? Sounds cool as hell!)

or... F-ZERO, but maybe this will suit better when Wii goes HD.

whatever he wants

Huh I'd like to see a Mario Football game but I'd tell him to make a new Kid Icarus game. Don't let the awesome redesign in SSBB go to waste.

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New franchise, something in the horror realm that'd put the Resident Evil series to shame

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I'd tell him to just do whatever he was already doing, since he's better at it than anyone else on the planet.

Or I'd ask him to make F-Zero WX with the old Sega/Nintendo team. Either way, I'd probably be satisfied.

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A European release date for Tingle RPG 2.

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Raze said:
New franchise, something in the horror realm that'd put the Resident Evil series to shame

Its one of my dreams to see Miyamoto working on something very violent or scary , or in other words he working into some very mature game , it would be nice and that would make some fan boys (sony/ms) to shut up when saying that nintendo is for KIDs cuz i tell you , when Miyamoto makes a game it is to show how it should be done ...


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Mario Hockey or a Mario FPS would be cool.

Or heck, release Kirby Wii already.

But he's always doing something interesting anyways and probably better than anything I would suggest.