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Meret said:
Don't forget upcoming Wii U Nintendo Direct with new 3rd party games. Iwata promised it during last Direct 23/1.

Still no word on that, and it can't come soon enough... although they rarely announce Nintendo Directs more than a day in advance, the next one could be coming this Friday and we wouldn't know for a couple of days yet.

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Finally tagging.
I check this thread everyday, yet I never post. Anyways, Tales of Hearts finally made it, and Soul Sacrifice will probably never make it :(

I held off on posting numbers at the update today :) despite being pleased with a 1 for Tales & a 2 for PSO (I'll take what I can get!) As with Layton, a 1 is better than a 0 at this point!

6 for Shining Ark was very pleasing though. We've tracked the last 2 Shining games on PSP at 200k LTD sales; with an 109k first week for Hearts (2010) and a 123k first week for Blade (2012). I wonder what Ark is gonna do.

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Average day to today, still better than the last couple of them.

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Cant wait until some of these games drop off and we see something new.

pezus said:
DQ FW: 640k
3DS: 135k
Yup, that seems about right

So close

3 vita games! Holy shit

Layton will never reach the heights it did on the DS unfortunately. Bummer