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Gh0st4lifE said:
How does it feel ? Winning a GDC instead of a generation I mean.


Well at least they won before unlike some others


BTW:  This generation isnt over yet

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Aj_habfan said:
I tried to save this thread before it happened. Honest to God, I tried.

I don't think that the people organizing this - the IGDA, is it? - get nearly enough credit. They're one of the most powerful cultural forces in the world, pretty soon coming up on the cinematic academy in terms of both finances and cultural impact.

I dont really think MS or ninty even tried hard at GDC.. E3 is what ill wait for..

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Sony wasn't trying hard neither ;) BTW, nintendo unveiled a new zelda ...

Honestly, was there something to win? :-/ And about GoW III and Uncharted 2, considering that they were leaked (and not that they were just purposefully given away by the developers themselves to create some buzz), then it wasn't even supposed to be known so technically doesn't count as part of their showing.

@ Ghost4life: keep it up and you'll get banned in no time :)

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Aj_habfan said:
I think the real winners are the people who helped organize and run the event. Let's give them a big round of applause! Fantastic work people, I look forward to seeing you next year.


AJ you do know that GDC canada is here in vancouevr right(it's in couple of months),shane kim will be there(xbox devison's head)




I'm probably getting banned...

Meh, At least I'll do it right :

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hmmm. I'm glad you think that and are happy.

Personally, I'm much happier with Nintendo's announcement about Zelda, and the fact that Professor Layton (2nd game) is coming to the DS in the west.

honestly I didn't even pay attention to what was said about Microsoft products, but then again, this is GDC, not E3 or other games conventions where it is about the games.

So I guess Level 5 won GDC by mentioning there are 6 Professor Layton games, and 2nd is being translated

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Tremble said:
Well what are people talking about after the GDC? ratchet, uncharted and GoWIII.

I think you impersonate the definition of Sony fanboy...

I think it was a pretty good GDC and I liked the news from Nintendo (SD card for Wii, Zelda DS, Punch Out) and Sony (the ones you listed above). But what is the point of this thread other than to annoy people and pick a fight?


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