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Forums - General Discussion - Nordlead Jr. has finally arrived!!!

Leif Daniel was born on 12/7/09 at 7:28 AM. He was 7lb 11 ounces, and 21 inches and completely healthy. We're home now (have been for most the day) and mrs. nordlead is doing well.

DISCLAIMER: this video was taken over my parents where the only bouncer we had is pink. Everything at my house is manly

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Nordlead Jr. Photo/Video Gallery!!! (Video Added 4/19/10)

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congrats on becoming a dad, must feel so good :)

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Congrats. Good to hear that everyone is doing good :)

CONGRATS!!!!!! .... but I have a hypothetical question for you :)


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Aww.. He looks just like you! rofl

You look dead tired in those pictures.

congratulations mate! I hope he brings you a lifetime of joy : )

Congratulations! I can't believe you took so many pics! And it keeps on going and going and going.....

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