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Leif Daniel was born on 12/7/09 at 7:28 AM. He was 7lb 11 ounces, and 21 inches and completely healthy. We're home now (have been for most the day) and mrs. nordlead is doing well.

DISCLAIMER: this video was taken over my parents where the only bouncer we had is pink. Everything at my house is manly

If you drop a PS3 right on top of a Wii, it would definitely defeat it. Not so sure about the Xbox360. - mancandy
In the past we played games. In the future we watch games. - Forest-Spirit
11/03/09 Desposit: Mod Bribery (RolStoppable)  vg$ 500.00
06/03/09 Purchase: Moderator Privilege  vg$ -50,000.00

Nordlead Jr. Photo/Video Gallery!!! (Video Added 4/19/10)