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Forums - General Discussion - Nordlead Jr. has finally arrived!!!

The feeling must of been amazing, congratulation to both of you.

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Congratz to you

Very nicely done mate, congrats! But uhm... is he now wearing "coolestguyever"'s avatar on his chest? I wouldn't go that far honestly...

To the misses... get one of those baby-bags/pouches. You can hold him, breast-feed and be on here all at the same time :D.

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Hey, congratz to you and mrs. norlead.

God Bless the 3 of you.


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Make sure he gets a VGC account as soon as he can read

(Former) Lead Moderator and (Eternal) VGC Detective your wifes name really mrs.nordlead?

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NKAJ said: your wifes name really mrs.nordlead?

You mean on the site? Yes.


Or do you mean in real life? lol

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The kid'll love December all the more, that's for sure.



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Congratulations nord!

You've truly been blessed. He's lovely.

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