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    Sony's Blatant Lie (About Other OS)

    in Sony Discussion on 30 March 2010

    what SONY just did seems to be a very MS like move...Doesnt this affect FOLDING@home? And what the hell is up with SONY removing features as time moves on.. Media slots, Hardware PSone/2BC, software PS2/one BC and now the "other OS" feature. I can understand them removing this features from the SLIM's from the word go.. but to go on an onslaught against the "phats" is just plain stupid. You dont...

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    Visuals: Alan Wake vs Uncharted 2 Alan Wake Gives U2 A Run For It's Money?!

    in Gaming Discussion on 28 March 2010

    HR does look amazing but it doesnt have to deal with all those nasty things like super fast gameplay and physics that U2 and even AW have to deal with. My vote still goes to U2 although AW is so darn close.. its good to see the 360 can be pushed!...

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    What do you hate most about games?

    in Gaming Discussion on 28 March 2010

    -Mandatory installs( everytime I go to my frnds place to try new games on his PS3) that last over 5 mins- Jerky framerate. I much prefer a locked down 30 FPS than a game that bounces between 15-60 FPS)-Poor menu systems. I hate digging thru 10 menus to get to basic settings... Oh and I hate PC games that make me restart the game just because I wanna change the resolution....

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    Is the game over for Sega ???

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 March 2010

    They have two titles this gen that hit 40/40 in FAMITSU. Bayonetta(360) and 428(wii).. thats hardly a failure....

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    Would Microsoft ever resort to letting silver Live members have online play

    in Microsoft Discussion on 24 March 2010

    No pay.. No Play....

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    Will nextbox use blueray?

    in Gaming Discussion on 23 March 2010

    MS doesnt pay ATI/IBM anything coz they already gifted them a brilliant lump sump for the design of the 360. Yup. 360 innards are OWNED by MS. They learned that the hard way from the XBOX. And its quite easy to avoid royalties. MS did it before with the XBOX. A purchase of a remote($20) was necessary in order to activate DVD playback. Or just go nintendos way and disable the feature altogether...

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    Which will be the best selling exclusive of the year

    in Sales Discussion on 23 March 2010

    SMG2Halo ReachGT5In that order.P.S. Thats IF GT5 is EVEN coming out this yr....

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    Need advice on getting a Gaming Laptop.

    in Gaming Discussion on 22 March 2010

    Here is what I'd say. Check out ASUS. they make some great gaming laptops at really great prices( under $1000)... and although the CPU isnt as important as the GPU.. go for an I core 5.. its about 25% better performance than C2D per Mhz.And lastly. Go with an ATI GPU. Theyr so much better than Nvidia for mobos its not even funny!...

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    Microsoft made a motion controller in 1998 and they predicted Natal

    in Microsoft Discussion on 22 March 2010

    MS... its been over 10 yrs.. and you still CANT design D-pads...sheesh...

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    Will nextbox use blueray?

    in Gaming Discussion on 22 March 2010

    I thought CD tech belonged to Phillips? maybe Im wrong. As for DD. It gives publisher/corps too much control on pricing. Something Im not comfortable with. Apple got it right with movies/music but look at them now.. theyr gonna fuck us over with ebook prices on the IPad.PSP Go is a huge FAIL too.. and its obvious why. Expensive, limited catalog.Another thing that is horrible about DD is that most...

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    Any Linux Users Out There?

    in PC Discussion on 22 March 2010

    Here is what I did and im quite happy. Install wubi. Its kinda like installing ubuntu thru windows. Download wubi, set your partition size and install. It pretty much sets everything up itself. Ubuntu is a great platform and works quite well with low end systems. GNOME(GUI) is what i prefer than KDE and will probably run better on a low spec system too..The only thing that massively pissed me off...

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    Will nextbox use blueray?

    in Gaming Discussion on 22 March 2010

    There isnt much choice in the matter. Blu ray will have become significantly cheaper in the coming 2-3 yrs. Discs, diodes etc. Holographic disc is still work in progress and would be expensive. BD quad is arnd 100GB+ which honestly is quite enough. Drive speeds will go up too with time. We already have faster disc drives than the ps3.So faster, cheaper and enough space.Why wouldn't they use...

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    What Last Gen games would you like to see on the 360?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 22 March 2010

    Panzer dragoon, oddworld, shenmue, psychonauts, crimson sky........

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    360 getting USB storage support in 2010 via update !!!

    in Microsoft Discussion on 20 March 2010

    Step in the right direction. Although one thing that annoys me is the 32GB limitation imposed per 360 by MS. Thats only bout enough to store what- 5 games?...

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    I need a bit of help with processors.

    in PC Discussion on 20 March 2010

    Icore 7 are better but priced much much higher too. If you have no budget constraints go there....

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    360 Slim + Nata can Sony counter?...Is GT5 enough?

    in Sales Discussion on 19 March 2010

    I dont see much changes happening to the ps3slim atm. 32nm IMO is a while away. Apart from that there is lil to fix. RAM prices are up this year as well. A price cut for SONY doesnt seem likely. Expect Move bundles though to counter natal bundles....

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    Famitsu Reviews [God of War III, Hokuto Musou]

    in Gaming Discussion on 16 March 2010

    I was referring to the FAMITSU scores...40/40 for bayonetta vs 38 for GoW :) Both are pretty amazing games in their own right......

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    Famitsu Reviews [God of War III, Hokuto Musou]

    in Gaming Discussion on 16 March 2010

    Bayonetta trumps Gow3 confirmed :)?...

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    Have Microsoft solidified themselves as a gaming giant equal to Sony?

    in Gaming Discussion on 16 March 2010

    Lets break it down to this.. SONY still have the lead. They have superior first party support and their hardware is more reliable. MS has the edge with LIVE but thats about it atm. Oh and their controller is better too :)...

    Write 79

    Sega Saturn >>>> ALL

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 March 2010

    @MistershineThanx.. Im gonna look into it :) it doesnt upscale as well as nebula but I guess I'll live....

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