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    Just Bought a 3DS with Mario Kart 7 & Super Mario Land 3DS! Mario Kart 7 is AMAZING!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 04 December 2011

    Can't wait to get MK. Bought 3DS last week, the Zelda bundle (black with gold Zelda motives), along with Super Mario Land 3D, and i am blown away by the 3D. Only played SML, no Zelda yet, and great use of the tech. Love it!...

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    Media Create Sales January 2-9

    in Sales Discussion on 13 January 2011


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    what are your donkey kong returns impressions?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 05 December 2010

    Just went through the first world (the Jungle), and it is all good! Really like it. Controls are really perfect and for a 1st world, the Jungle was just the little challenge I was looking for. Read reviews that really liked it and mentioned that it brought a lot of good ideas and and must admit that the first impression has me thirsty to discover the rest! In short, i love it but haven't played...

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    America is UP !! (May 1st, 2010)

    in Sales Discussion on 06 May 2010

    2 years ago this was an exciting week with the release of GTA4, MKWii some where and Nintendo shipping huge amounts of Wiis to counter the GTA boost. I think they ended up selling more than 600k Wiis that week while the 360 and PS3 had nice boosts as well.This year... Bubkus. Nothing to report......

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    EDGE reviews Mario Galaxy 2... Oh dear

    in Nintendo Discussion on 06 May 2010

    Wow, the "oh dear" lead me to believe it was a negative review... Good for Nintendo and the Wii, SMG2 seems to be great and I can't wait to get my hands on it.As this will become a discussion on reviews and Edge reviews in particular, is Edge known to give out 10s easily? Is it pro-Nintendo? Waht did they give the first SMG?...

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    PAL Charts - Week 16

    in Sales Discussion on 26 April 2010

    Indeed, decent start for MH3 in the UK. Nothing too spectacular either but better than I expected (ranking wise cause have no clue of the actual figures)....

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    PAL Charts - Week 16

    in Sales Discussion on 26 April 2010

    palancas7 said: SaviorX said: kopstudent89 said:so monster hunter really didnt do it :( I may be mistaken, but I don't think many regions got MH3 in Europe. It shipped the 23rd, and other regions (Australia??) don't get it for another week. This Week (Week 16) ends tracking the day before MH3 was made available for sale. Correct me if I'm wrong. He probably...

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    Famitsu Sales (4/5 ~ 4/11)

    in Sales Discussion on 14 April 2010

    Slow week when you see this top 10. Great legs for NSMBW (numer 1 afetr 3-4 months release is just amazing) and suprising holds for the baseball. Those 2 PS3 hard hitters are showing good longevity too.Hardware will be really interesting cause with no big releases, its a dog fight (I am talking PS3 vs Wii). I'm gonna guess(timate) 33k for the PS triple and 31k for the Wii....

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    03/22 - 03/28 Early Famitsu numbers, Shin Hokuto = BIG

    in Sales Discussion on 31 March 2010

    Didn't I read that that Koei had some crazy expectations like 1 million??? Regardless, these are great 1st week sales if confirmed. I could see PS3 stay at 50k this week with such a strong launch....

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    in Sony Discussion on 19 March 2010

    Just my 2 cents as I have just finished the game (one time though I am itching to go through again to see different endings).If you take Heavy Rain as a "pure" video game, it really isn't great. Controls are limited, you can't do much, etc...If you take this as a movie, it is also (all this is "imo" of course) very flawed. Acting is horrible (graphics are great and all but come on, facial...

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    PAL Charts - Week 7

    in Sales Discussion on 22 February 2010

    Thank you Giggs, you do a great job!I remain amazed (or rather surprised) by the excellent legs on Forza 3. The game is great so am happy as well.Surprised also by good opening of AvP, seems people can't get enough FPS action... I'm no fan but Sega must be happy.Crazy percentage jumps for NSMBW and Just Dance as well as increases for the Wii evergreens (Wii Fit and WSR). Just wow......

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    PAL Charts - Week 7

    in Sales Discussion on 22 February 2010

    Giggs - The UK chart is up on chart track. You can put in in the OP.Wii SW seems to have jumped amazingly this week for some reason (am not in the UK so don't know what was special about last week...)....

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    IGN ALAN WAKE VIDEO PREVIEW *pretty sweet if you ask me*

    in Microsoft Discussion on 19 February 2010

    Wow, looks awesome. Getting this asap (did I see an EU date somewhere in May?)....

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    FFXIII Slightly Worse on Xbox 360

    in Gaming Discussion on 16 February 2010

    The formulation of the OP makes it sound like the game isn't that good to begin with (on PS3)......

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    Worldwide Numbers Up - Feb 6, 2010! More adjustments too?!

    in Sales Discussion on 12 February 2010

    I see the Wii has 49.1% market share, down fron 49.2% before Others so I am guessing Wii got adjusted down or the HD twins 5one or both) got adjusted up.Anyway, nothing special this week....

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    Heavy Rain Reviews Are In

    in Sony Discussion on 11 February 2010

    I agree that they tend to be strict but I also often agree with their remarks. They just seem to take a lot of points off (meaining they are not cared to put low scores).I see what you mean but I think that is the point of the review (ie it is one man's, or woman's taste). This implies that we will not always agree but I guess, as I like them, that we just have the same taste....

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    Heavy Rain Reviews Are In

    in Sony Discussion on 11 February 2010

    Man, the first review I saw for this game was on my usual french website, I like that site and trust their reviews and they gave it a ... 6/10 ( didn't like the genre (to movie-like, QTEs weren't that good, controls, etc...). I was really disappointed as I was looking forward to this game.But now I see that it is...

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    WW Up!

    in Sales Discussion on 30 January 2010

    @ Seraphic - what do you mean? This week's sales or the adjustments?OT - Wii in front of DS is suprising but I think it is still down yoy because of US sales of last year. Suprised that it is outselling the 2 HDs by so much (not combined but still).Didn't think PS3 would be down below 200k this week but with several releases in Japan, maybe it'll go above it again next week.360 holding on...

    Write 18

    Some Benelux and Scandanavia charts/figures

    in Sales Discussion on 27 January 2010

    @ pap - You have charts for Belgium? I only recall charts for Ntherlands and France, but I haven't seen Belgium yet....

    Write 326

    America up!!!

    in Sales Discussion on 21 January 2010

    @ Mario - coming from a guy who joined this web site less than a year ago... How exactly do you know how MS fans were back in 2006?...

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