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cuz it ain't pocket anymore... just kiddin


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I say make it a full scale MMO with the ability to download data via Wi-Fi to the DS. I'd buy it!! But if I could think of that, odds are that Nintendo thought of it 15 years ago. Maybe they're saving it for when Wii/DS sales start to sink. Maybe that's the Killer App (as much as I hate that term) for their next hardware platforms........

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Maynard_Tool said:
I've been waiting for something like that since the N64.


 Me too. I've pretty much given up hope for an authentic console Pokemon.

I'd buy it! and I hope it would stay 2D-ish like the handheld games. So only sprites!

I like Bacon said:

I'd buy it! and I hope it would stay 2D-ish like the handheld games. So only sprites!

I agree.  The sprites are way prettier than 3-D could ever be, even if it was built for the highest-end PC available today with unlimited space for textures and models.

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what would be my idea of a pokemon console mmo would be real time (no turn-based battles) you'd walk around with the nunchuks control stick. contols would be something like...

control stick to move
c to center camera
a to talk to people and otherr boring crap
hold down z to run
probably 1 or 2 button to cycle through pokemon without having ot go through a menu (you can have a pokemon selected like in the handheld versions, and it will be outside the pokeball and fallowing you.
hit any of the 4 directions on the direction pad to execute the pokemons moves (they can learn only 4 moves, as in the other versions.

in the wilderness, you will see the wild pokemon roaming around (no random battles) and you can choose whether you want to battle them or not)

you can chat with people around you like in other mmo's, and can challenge people to battles at your leisure. if someone challenges you, you don't have to accent, so you can't be screwed over by people with level 100's in the start of the game.

anyone else think of anything?

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Maybe that type of Pokemon game was like contracted for Gameboy/Handheld only? I mean N64/Gamecube wasnt Nintendo's best but Gameboy kept Nintendo very much alive, and what kept the Gameboy well alive was possibly those Pokemon games due to its uniqueness? Afterall you cant think about a Gameboy without thinking about a Pokemon game lol

I would love to see this done. Nintendo, I'll give you my money now, just make this happen!

i hope they would make one, i would buy it.






They could do the game with cartoon graphics, it would be much better