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Which games did you particularly like in terms of the puzzles?

I'll throw "The Talos Principle" including the expansion "Road to Gehenna" and "The Talos Principle 2" as my hat into the ring. The puzzles mainly revolve around guiding red and blue light beams from the "Emitter" to the "Receiver", but the tasks are surprisingly varied thanks to the numerous helpful items... and sometimes extremely tricky due to the restriction to a limited selection of these items and various obstacles (different energy walls/grids that block light beams, items and/or the protagonist).

In TTP1, there were only two colors of light beams (whose beams must not cross), three enemy types (bombs, buzzers, turrets) with predictable behavior and a manageable number of auxiliary objects: boxes, pressure plates, wall switches, ladders, fans, connectors, jammers, platforms, recorders (the position of the robot and all objects can be recorded for a maximum of 5 minutes, and these temporary clones can be used during playback). There are also the "Sigil puzzles", in which you arrange "Tetris pieces" to fit.

You can find explanations of the items (and opponents) here:

In TTP2, a third light beam color and many other helpful item have been added: Inverter (converts between blue and red), RGB Converter (two different colored beams create the third color), Driller (creates a temporary hole through which light beams and objects can fit), Accumulator (can store and reproduce one of the three colors), permanent robot clones (you can switch between them on sight), magnetic walls (practical for metal feet), Teleporter (portable, destination for protagonist + item in hand), GravShifter (creates gravity beam), rotating platforms and probably more items on the three islands that I haven't gotten to yet.

Together with the previous game elements, this allows countless new possible combinations. The "Sigil Puzzles", are now embedded in the game world to create bridges.

My favorite quote also comes from "The Talos Principle", which I completely agree with:

"Every human society in recorded history has games. We don't just solve problems out of necessity. We do it for fun. Even as adults. Leave a human being alone with a knotted rope and they will unravel it. Leave a human being alone with blocks and they will build something. Games are part of what makes us human. We see the world as a mystery, a puzzle, because we've always been a species of problem-solvers." (Alexandra Drennan)

I look forward to your game tips with your favorite puzzles, also with explanations.

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1987 The Fool's Errand is perhaps my favorite puzzle game ever. While much of it is simple, there are some interesting ones that would be hard to explain without spoiling them. Best thing are the uber puzzles connecting numerous of the small basic ones and the storyline of tarot deck.

There are three related games. Second part of the old trilogy is At the Carnival aka Puzzle Gallery. This is a much simpler game, mostly just word puzzles and jigsaws, and easiest of the old three. Still quite enjoyable.
The last of the old games was 3 in Three published only on Mac. It's the hardest of games with somewhat different puzzles than the first two.
Fourth game is much newer sequel to original, The Fool and His Money. I really have to eventually get that too.

I almost forgot Portal 1 + 2!

Coccoon. It's the perfect puzzle game.

Fez. Beautifully made with great puzzles, yet this one needs to be played with pen and paper alongside.

Infinifactory, real clever puzzles in there where you deconstruct and reconstruct things.
The later levels get very big with many possible solutions.

And of course Puzzling Places, endless puzzles. I already have well over 200h on the game

I finished the Mar Saba Monastery in the West Bank yesterday, now on to a castle in Spain.

Cocoon and Tunic.

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Archibald's Adventures, 2D action/puzzle/platformer, thank me later.

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Deus Ex (2000) - a game that pushes the boundaries of what the video game medium is capable of to a degree unmatched to this very day.

The Myst series. But specifically, Riven (Myst 2). I got through Riven without using a walkthrough and it may have been the most rewarding thing I've ever done in gaming.

The Adventures of Lolo series on NES have some very clever puzzles.

Portal comes to mind. I kinda like the puzzles in The Witness as well.
But my favorite is probably the time-stone puzzles of the sand ship in Skyward Sword. Those puzzles were darn satisfying to solve.

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I love the puzzles in the classic Tomb Raider games (1-5) even though they are sometimes quite confusing and some of them lack any kind of logic. But it's so satisfying when you finally figure something out.

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