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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Best game on SNES


I think the best is...

Super Mario World 8 12.31%
Yoshi's Island 3 4.62%
Donkey Kong Country 1 1.54%
Donkey Kong Country II 3 4.62%
A Link to the Past 13 20.00%
Chrono Trigger 13 20.00%
Final Fantasy 6 8 12.31%
Super Metroid 9 13.85%
Super Mario RPG 1 1.54%
Other (Post in comments) 6 9.23%

The Super Nintendo's library of games was legendary, with many still held up as all time greats even three decades and five generations later.

Which game do you consider the single greatest title on SNES, and what about it makes it worthy of the #1 spot?

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It's a tough call between Super Mario World and Super Metroid for me.

I think Super Mario World was the best 2D Mario until Super Mario Bros. Wonder, but Super Metroid has never been surpassed by other 2D Metroid games in terms of its massive world and non linearity although Metroid Dread came close.

So I'll ultimately go with Super Metroid.

But it really is a tough call. The SNES is one of Nintendo's best systems ever.

My favorite SNES game is Donkey Kong Country 3.

But I recognize that Chrono Trigger is the best. It was way too ahead of its time. Also, I like FF4 better than FF6.

Donkey Kong Country 2 followed by Donkey Kong Country

Honorable mention to Super Mario RPG!

All of these are amazing.

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My top five would be:

5) Chrono Trigger
4) Super Mario World
3) Super Metroid
2) The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
1) Final Fantasy VI

FFVI earns the top spot for its timeless music, stellar story, amazing characters, and perfect roleplaying gameplay. But, really, any of the games above could be #1.

1) Lufia 2. - Extremely underrated title.
2) Donkey Kong Country 2. - Took the first game and made it better in every way.
3) Super Metroid. - A title I go back to and do a quick "run" annually.
4) Chrono Trigger.
5 Breath of Fire 2.

I want to see some of these games get the Links Awakening/Super Mario RPG remake treatment, they deserve it.

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5) Secret of Evermore
4) Breath of Fire 2
3) Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
2) Secret of Mana
1) Earthbound

I just cant choose. My favorite is probably Super Ghouls`n Ghosts, but THE best overall objectively? Theres just so many impressive games on the SNES.

C’mon Metroid fans. This is our shot lol