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Forums - Sales Discussion - Persona 3 Reload sold 1,000,000 copies worldwide within its first week, becoming the fastest selling game in ATLUS history!

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LAD8, Granblue Fantasy Relink, and now Persona 3 Reload doing great numbers despite being so close to each other.

Congrats to all of these fantastic games.


Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

Impressive numbers, happy to see it. Hopefully we get more Persona remakes as a result.

Very happy this series recieved the audience it deserves.

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Yes, Persona is my favorite saga in the video game world along with Final Fantasy so that's great news for me too.

Does that mean Atlus finally gets to remake the best one they've done with the P2 duology ?

Congrats on the good milestone !
Though, I gotta wonder what's the people going all surprised about it.

Persona is now arguably the 2nd most popular JRPG series behind FF since it experienced a surge and excellent sales with Persona 5.
Also, Atlus doing worldwide releases truly helps, doesn't it !

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Hopefully we see Persona 6 this fall on PS5, Series X & PC. With a port to Switch 2 early next year. Could see it being a 10m seller

Really hope they do Persona 1+2 and 4 remake


Gratulation for Persona 3 Remake :) Love my PS2-Version, but i play the new today too. Persona is love =)

Cant wait of Persona 6 on PlayStation 5.