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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Best creature light gun shooter?


What monster light gun shooter was the best?

The House of the Dead 1 16.67%
The House of the Dead 2 3 50.00%
The House of the Dead 3 0 0%
The House of the Dead 4 0 0%
The House of the Dead: Overkill 1 16.67%
The House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn 0 0%
Resident Evil: Darkside/Umbrella Chronicles 1 16.67%
The Walking Dead Arcade 0 0%
Dark Escape 4D 0 0%
Vampire Night 0 0%

With all the zombie/vampire/monster light gun games (most of them belonging to one franchise), which one was the best?

My vote goes to House of the Dead 2. It improved upon everything that made the original great (even for all the wrong reasons in some cases, lol) with more of the cheese we all loved from the original. It had the best level design, best paths, best bosses, best everything really of all the HotD games, though I don’t know if there’s one I’d truly call bad.

And I’ve played the Walking Dead arcade game at Dave and Busters and, while it’s still enjoyable (not to mention unique), the lack of a real gun kinda makes it pale in comparison to the HotD games.

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Dead Space Extraction. Great game, but not sure if it counts.

Only played House of the Dead 2 on Dreamcast and really liked it so my vote goes to that lol

The House of the Dead Overkill. You don't get to set the record of "fucks" said in a video game while being this good to play for nothing.

Still The House of the Dead 2 is also quite the classic of the genre.
Too bad we never got ports of the Halo rail-shooter exclusive arcade cabinet or those dinosaurs rail-shooter as well.

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Dead Space Extraction.
Awesome and underrated game; the series signature strategic dismemberment translate really well into a rail shooter format, and it manages to be genuinely atmospheric and creepy.

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ONe of my favorite games to watch on youtube are rail gun shooters. But nothings beats the original house of the dead!