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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - When will the Switch successor be announced?

Merry Christmas to all. I'm taking advantage of this holiday season to ask users a question: when do you think the successor to the switch will be announced?

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Next year, perhaps October/November (release). It will probably be announced during the spring.

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No earlier than February and no later than September. If it's a Q4 2024 release, it would be before September.
I think we'll get a confirmation (and possible release window) early 2024 and then a full unveiling with the name, footage, and such in Q3 2024.

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I expect it'll be announced spring time. I'd be surprised if at the end of the fiscal year they don't inform investors the new hardware is launching the next FY. Full reveal later.

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Not sure, but probably any time now. I’m guessing it will be within a few months of launch; although, most tech companies have been announcing devices within weeks of the launch date. The trend for Nintendo is for shorter windows from announcement to release.

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I say spring. They didn't want to mess with holiday sales this year, and they'll want to garner as much hype as possible. So spring seems like an ideal time. Do an announcement, then start peppering with the occasional nuggets as the months go by. By fall, the hype will be peak (as long as it's worth peaking over), then you launch.

When Nintendo publishes it's Fiscal Year 2024 financial results they will need to give a forecast on how many units they will sell next Fiscal Year (2025). Usually their fiscal update will be 2nd week of May. I fully expect the announcement before that date, so that their forecast will make sense.

If no announcement happens before that date, there will be no new console in the next fiscal year.


march 2024

Hard to guess when you don't really have any idea what the software pipeline is like, but I'll guess an announcement in March with a launch in September if the software and manufacturing is ready.

If it's a November kind of launch, well then maybe they just hold off until April or later.

I think in Nintendo's view they only really had 4 and a half months to really market the Switch, and the same amount should be adequete for Switch 2.