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Forums - Movies & TV - The best comic book movie/tv show


Best Series based on a Comic

Batman 7 31.82%
Iron Man 0 0%
Avengers 2 9.09%
Black Panther 0 0%
The Boys 2 9.09%
Captain America 0 0%
Deadpool 2 9.09%
Spider-Man 2 9.09%
Guardians of the Galaxy 1 4.55%
Other 6 27.27%

There’s some really great movies and even tv shows based on Marvel and DC (Maybe others too). What do you consider the No. 1?

I just watched Joker again and am honestly impressed with how it turned the table of what we can expect from a super villain orihin story. It’s not easy to pick the best one though. I’m currently enjoying Loki quite a lot too.

Even though I loved the build up of infinity war, I did not like the Iron Man suicide in endgame. In terms of comedy, I think Ragnorok is one of the greatest. In term of of well roundedness, Black panther was solid. 

There’s so many to choose from, with movies coming out before the Disney purchase also being great for their time. Hard to say. I think I’ll personally go with Joker. Seeing how his laughter was actually repressed rage. Finding out he may be Bruce’s half brother. Watching the way an undercurrent swept him into power. It was completely fascinating to me and like nothing I ever expected from a comic character. 

Im really interested to hear some of your thoughts on this subject. 

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I liked invincible quite a lot and season 2 thus far has been even better than season 1. I liked the Boys and Daredevil a lot as well but a show like the Boys isn't quite as faithful to the comic books as something like Invincible is but for the better.


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Dark Knight is my favorite. I know its an unoriginal answer, but its a common opinion for good reason, that movie is just really, really good.
When it comes to TV Series i loved Sandman, I still have recency bias torwards it, but I used to think the novels couldnt be adapted and I think they did a phenomenal job at it.

On the animated side of things, both Spiderverse movies are 10/10 in my book.

Do think the Spider-Verse movies should at least be in the poll, they're masterpieces.

This might surprise some of you, but my vote actually goes to Guardians of the Galaxy. Yeah, I know.

I love all three movies, to be honest I can't pick a favorite between Vol. 2 and Vol. 3. I think the characters were all super well written and the actors gave it their all, they all have meaningful arcs and the movies feel a lot more personal than most CBM stuff, you can tell there's a writer/director who really wants to tell a story. I love that the movies are self-contained and don't focus as much on the larger-than-life stakes even though they're there, the focus is strictly on these charming characters having to overcome their own inner struggles.

For real though, while I have been using Rocket as my avatar here for roughly 9 years, it was only very recently that I realized how much I actually identify with him. For most of these 9 years I loved him but didn't feel I was like him, I was wrong, I was always like him in many ways. Trying to look cool, pushing people away, thinking I'm fine on my own but in truth I need people the most... you know, all that stuff. I'm really a lot like him, he's the main reason I connected with these movies so much and they will stay with me forever.

mZuzek said:

Do think the Spider-Verse movies should at least be in the poll, they're masterpieces.

Alright I replaced X-men with Spider-Man. I forgot about spider verses. 

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Ill go with Deadpool. Do really like The Dark Knight and Sin City as well though. Also Scott Pilgrim vs The World if that counts.

For films and show adaptations, I tend to enjoy David S. Goyer (Blade trilogy, Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, and Netflix’s Sandman). Not all the Goyer stuff, I wasn’t a fan of Man of Steel, although I enjoyed parts of it. The stuff I didn’t like was the 50 minute Snyderian action marathon where most of it is low/no stakes—unless you were really worried about the city’s infrastructure. And to be fair, it’s not Snyder’s fault, it’s what sells for him - he hit it big with 300 instead of Watchmen.

For franchises, X-Men by far. The X-men spin-offs were great. I liked almost all of them, even the ones generally regarded as bad, like Origins and Dark Phoenix. But I wasn’t a terribly big fan of Days of Future Past and Apocalypse - and for similar reasons why I didn’t enjoy Man of Steel - a lot of overly long action marathons that felt low stakes most of the time. Logan and First Class were probably my favourites.


I mean, I’m not a big comic book fan, but even I know X-Men is one of the biggest franchises of all time - there are 7 core films and 6 spin-offs (9 if you include the Blade trilogy), and 8 television shows. This is like making a “best RPG franchise” poll and leaving off Final Fantasy.

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Oh yeah, I saw The Boys on the list. I love that show.

I describe myself as a little dose of toxic masculinity.

Spider-Verse movies are the best. Let's see if they can cap the trilogy in a great way.

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Outdated special effects and all, I still think the first two Superman movies are unmatched. There has never been a screen adaptation better at capturing the true spirit of a superhero than those two films, imo.