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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Mario v Link. SMB Wonder v TotK


SMB Wonder v TotK (launch aligned)

SMBW outsells TotK and hits 20m faster 8 14.81%
SMBW outsells TotK with l... 21 38.89%
TotK wins race to 20m and outsells SMBW 21 38.89%
Holiday hype gets SMBW to... 1 1.85%
New Metroid will outsell both combined 3 5.56%

SMBW v TotK lifetime

Mario 3 $1,830.00 50.00%
Link 3 $1,110.00 50.00%
Totals: 6 $2,940.00  
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Classic Zelda re-imagined has rightfully trounced 3D Mario and the stale SMBros Wii-U remake on Switch which means Link has become Nintendo's biggest iconic character. Mario's only hope to reclaim the title now is Super Mario Bros Wonder.

It took NSMB Wii 8 weeks to beat GTA IV to 10 million but TotK did it in 3 days. Will Mario get to 20m faster or will it take legs to win or is Link the new champ and it's time for Mario to take a backseat?

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Mario wins both obviously. Link had a well deserved but short run at the top there for most of the gen but that was only to give Nintendo extra time to perfect the first real Mario game since NSMB Wii.

Nov 2016 - NES outsells PS1 (JP)

Don't Play Stationary 4 ever. Switch!

I'm not so convinced Mario Wonder will beat the recent Zelda. Already, TOTK has a good chance of hitting close to 20M before the former even releases.

And I know about the Mario "hype" surrounding the recent movie outing but you can't underestimate how this holiday, Nintendo will prolly push TOTK as well in their marketing so it'll get a significant boost as well probably.

It's either an equal match or TOTK wins by a fair shot

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Which one just had a billion+ dollar blockbuster movie?

Yeah, Mario is definitely still Nintendo's biggest iconic character.

It's-a-wonder, Mario Wonder!

2D Mario games are generally the best-selling Nintendo series. Link can rise all he wants, unless Mario Wonder is a dud then it's sales gonna be out of reach.

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TOTK will have already hit 20m, it was already over 18m at the end of June.
Ordinarily I'd say Mario has this in the bag as 2D Mario is a juggernaught, and Wonder will be releasing to ten years of pen up demand. It's going to blow passed 30 million for sure.
But open air Zelda is a titan in its own right; Link won't go down easily.
Let them fight.

I'd be surprised if Mario Wonder reached 25 million, honestly not even sure about 20.

mZuzek said:

I'd be surprised if Mario Wonder reached 25 million, honestly not even sure about 20.

That seems an awfully pessimistic forecast when New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe, a decade old port of a 2D Mario that wasn't well loved, has topped 16 million on Switch.

Like I've mentioned before 2D Mario games have usually benefitted from very long legs, being the sort of games casual players will pick up when they get the system over many years, but Wonder is coming out to late to really get much of that. U Deluxe has been the game to get that boost instead and while some will get Wonder as well, I think it will be quite far from all of them. For that reason I don't really see Wonder outselling TotK or Mario Odyssey for that matter. I would predict ~25m, maybe a bit more.

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Am sure Wonder will sell well and have amazing legs but i feel TOTK will be a bridge too far. Mario is still king though, thanks to his karting exploits.



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