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Forums - General Discussion - How Many YouTube Channels Are You Subbed To?

And what type of content do you mainly watch? Any channels you want to shout out?

Realized I had subbed to my 100th channel the other day. A mix of gaming, art, education, and politics, mostly. It's basically replaced cable for me.


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Mostly about video gaming and movies.

115, I should probably unsub from most of them because I know I only watch maybe a dozen of them. Mostly about Cars, video games, tech, stocks/finance.

I haven't counted, but about 200.

Mostly motorcycle or car trips and japanese comedians that no one knows.

46. Most of them about gaming and paranormal stuff.

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I wish none, because I find YouTube's algorithm thinks I want to listen to the most melodramatic and cynically pessimistic TV and film reviews I've ever heard, along with politics in a similar vein. And worst of all are these crappy video essay channels that say a lot of irrelevant stuff around a point.

P.S. to answer the question, I'm subscribed to about 382 channels specialized on video essays about political activism and film criticism.
Also, fail army.

I describe myself as a little dose of toxic masculinity.

13 - I watch some more channels sometimes but not enough to sub or just mark the playlist I like, I should unsub from some as not enjoying their content anymore and some rarely even post anymore but I remain subbed for the sake of it. All but 1 are games. Best is Indeimaus.

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Hmm, pie.

I watch plenty of youtube content, but I don't login and block whatever scripts I can that don't break the site.

I have about 80-90 youtube "channel" bookmarks, maybe about half of them I check out on a regular basis (1-2 times a week)

691 apparently.

But I dont really go to the channels and watch whatever is on my feed.

Its usually video game stuff, anime stuff and historical/science/space stuff.

48 it looks like, yet I never watch any subscriptions. It's from videos I really liked so I gave it a 'super like'.