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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Which Generation of Final Fantasy Was Your Favorite?


Which Generation of Final Fantasy Was Your Favorite?

1st Generation - I-III 29 4.43%
2nd Generation - IV-VI 158 24.16%
3rd Generation - VII - IX 337 51.53%
4th Generation - X-XII 85 13.00%
5th Generation - XIII - X... 9 1.38%
6th Generation - XIV (Hea... 12 1.83%
7th Generation - XIV (Endwalker), XVI 24 3.67%

With Square Enix announcing that the Final Fantasy series has hit 180 million copies, which was your favorite Final Fantasy Era? Keepig the poll of the week simple....well, as simple as you can with multiple remasters, remakes,  rereleases, expansions, spinoffs, origin stories, epilogues, and cameos. Feel free to comment about what your favorite games and experiences have been over the years since we all have of course had different experiences with the series. 

1st Generation -  1-III (NES era)
2nd Generation - IV-VI (SNES era)
3rd Generation - VII - IX (PS era)
4th Generation - X-XII (PS2 era)
5th Generation - XIII - XIV (Original and A Realm Reborn) (PS3 era)
6th Generation - XIV (Heavensward-Shadowbringers), XV (PS4 era)
7th Generation - XVI (Endwalker), XVI (PS5 era)

I tried to keep the poll simple but since XIV has released on 3 different consoles. Heavensward is listed for 6th generation since it launched on the same day on PS3 and PS4. Endwalker gets listed for 7th generation because it launched on PS4 and PS5 on the same day. 

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Well PS1 had IX the best one plus I like VII a lot. 4,5,6 are amazing as well so a close second is SNES. After that it's downhill. XII was solid in some ways. X sucks. 13 is shit. XV is shit. 16 is solid but has issues. But better than anything since IX in SP FF mainline games so there is that.

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The PS1 was where they hit it big and had the most consistent quality.

On PS2, they had one online Final Fantasy, and even Final Fantasy X had a lot of design choices that I felt were a step backward from PS1. Final Fantasy XII was amazing, though.

FFX is the only one where random encounters don't irritate me.

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PS1 easily since VII is my favorite by a pretty wide margin and IX is probably tied for 2nd.

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PS1 era had nothing but bangers

I will say for sure FF7-9 era. I started with this era and FF7 was my first game in the series I played. In a sense it had to be as Final Fantasy didn't arrive into the UK until that entry.

3 superb games, defining the series as a whole. Pinnacle if anything. I played 6 when it released on PS1 in like 2002, emulator later. I'd say 4-6 next. Then 10-12 but only because I have to omit 11 as it was an MMO. 1-3 I cannot judge properly, I own 1-2 PS1 collection but never played 3, infact 3 only released for the first time in the UK as the remake on DS, which I didn't own at the time.

13 era was just 13 really, didn't like it so didn't buy it's sequels, again have to omit 14 as it's mmo, even if it's great now, still an mmo. Last place is modern era, I'm lumping this all in together as these games just don't have the same impact anymore, in my view the idea of evolving changing gameplay has taken the series from being the pinnacle of turn based gameplay with superb stories to generic action games with RPG elements and okay stories. But then it's also 1 game per gen not 3.

9 is I think the best FF game even if 7 is my favourite.

Hmm, pie.

SNES with IV, V and VI. All stayed true to final fantasy while being unique. I loved 7 and 9, but hated 8. The draw system and story was awful.


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Either 5th or 6th gen for me.
I've played FXIV for well over 10,000 hours and enjoyed the other games that were released around that era too, with me having a soft spot for XIII as it was my introduction to the series.

PIcking by generation I'll have to go with SNES because there's two games I love (IV and VI). I rank VII higher than those two but I'm not as fond of VIII and IX so PS1 gen is in second place.

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