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Forums - Movies & TV - Wonka trailer - Chalamet dons the tophat

Not sure about this one, but coming from the director of the Paddington films is a good sign and Hugh Grant looks like a gas.

What do you think?

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I still remember the recent controversy about the latest owner of the Roald Dahl's IPs censoring and retroactively changing his written works. Not sure what happened with that afterwards...

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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I am going to avoid trying to see anything on this until after Dune Part 2. I need to keep Chalamet as close to Paul Atreides as I can, at least until they stick the landing.

Looks well made, but not something Im interested in.

Looks alright, im not particularly hyped for it tho, im not a fan of Chalamet in the role, but having the director and writer of Paddington 2 is a good sign.

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It will probably be okay. It's of course a prequel to the 1971 film, not the book of 2005 film adaptation.
I'll see it out of curiosity (I adore the 1971 film) more than anything else.

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