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Forums - Sales Discussion - Predict Pikmin 4 Switch numbers


How many units will Pikmin 4 sell (Switch only)

Under 1 million 3 5.88%
1-1.5 million 1 1.96%
1.5-2 million 1 1.96%
2-2.5 million 7 13.73%
2.5-3 million 7 13.73%
3-3.5 million 8 15.69%
3.5-4 million 7 13.73%
4-4.5 million 2 3.92%
4.5-5 million 0 0%
Over 5 million 15 29.41%

The Pikmin 4 demo just dropped and it seems a lot of folks are enjoying the latest iteration in this relatively niche franchise. So what do you guys think will be Pikmin 4’s fate on the Switch? Will the Switch-effect take it to soaring new heights or is this title doomed to remain grounded?

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Didn't know about the game. I'll be downloading it

I picked 3-3.5 million. Thinking that the demo + the Switch bump will bring it up to that number, but the series is still pretty niche so don't see it selling much more than that. Pikmin 3 deluxe has the most sales in the series so far with 2.23 million sold, for reference.

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I have never played a Pikmin game, can't see the attraction, but as a collector I have no choice but too buy it lol.

I say 3-5 million



Cobretti2 said:

I have never played a Pikmin game, can't see the attraction, but as a collector I have no choice but too buy it lol.

I say 3-5 million

What kind of collector are you?

Do you just buy every game? Every Nintendo game?

I'm curious.

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Would be great if this could actually touch anything near 5mil. I'll say 3-3.5mil, since they're doing a decent job promoting the series, but there's still certain people that will never be sold on the general concept.

From what I played so far Pikmin 4 has made quite a few noticeable changes. Probably the most changes for any game in the series. We'll have to see how that affects the feelings of previous fans and how it could attract new fans.

Pikmin 3 Deluxe numbers are pretty good so far, and Pikmin 4 can likely do better. 3-3.5 million range, methinks.

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I went with 3.5-4 million. I do believe the release window is kind of light right now, Nintendo has been doing a great job marketing the game, and a demo lets quite a few people take a dip without worrying about taking the plunge.

I also think a lot of the changes Nintendo has made this time around make this a much, much more approachable game. Not in a “this game is for casuals” way, but more in a “this is fun, I’ll take the time to learn” way.

+5 million I fear

znake said:

+5 million I fear

Ok, I’ll bite. 

why do you “fear?”