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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Would you want a game based on the Cosmere universe?

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The Cosmere is a fictional universe created by author Brandon Sanderson in which multiple series and stand-alone novels he has created are all intertwined. The most notable series are The Stormlight Archive and Mistborn. If you read fantasy books, you've surely read or heard of Sanderson. If you have not, then you are missing out and you must live under a rock. To get a sense of Sanderson's popularity, he recently destroyed kickstarters records for the largest funded project where he also funded every other book project out there.

So for those of you that have read these books, would you want a game based on the overall universe?

Me, yeah I would love a large open game where you can planet hop and interact with Hoid and other core characters. Utilizing the various and highly inventive magic systems to either work through core story elements or a fully new story.

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I think trying to encompass the ovarall universe in one game would be waaay too much, and if they did want to make a game set in the cosmere it should focus on one world and telling a story within that.

I think The Stormlight Archieves makes the most sense as a very unique and fleshed out world, but it could also be cool to play as a Mistborn in their world ofc. Either of those games could be amazing if they manage to really capture the world and tell a good story within in, while not neglecting the gameplay either, but needless to that's an extremely ambitious undertaking.

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I haven't read his books, but I'de be thrilled to see some serious game made in that univesre. Now, it is more likely that Amazon will make show out of them (as Sanderson was involved with Wheel of Time), but given how terible Amazon's Wheel of Time is (and it seems this will be faith of Rings of Power as well), I'm not too optimisitc about it.

Funny thing is, ASOIAF never got any big budget game either - I'd love to see open world RPG set in Essos and eastern parts of that world, ultimately with you ending up in Shadow Lands and Stygai.

But most of all I would love to see game based on Elric of Melnibone, who influenced so many fantasy authors and doesn't get enough appreciation these days. There is a game being developed at the moment scheduled for 2024, but it seems to be smaller budget project, so I hope they will be able to pull it off.

I only see Mistborn working as a game

What I really wanted for cosmere is an animated series. Stormlight Archive would work fantastic as a serie 

Elantris and Warbreaker can be animated movies

Off-topic, but, OP, when the hell did you get back?! I haven't seen you post in years!

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I think Movies and tv shows tend to be the better medium for massive series like that. If we could get another big hit like Lord of the Rings in the fantasy world, then that would be amazing.

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I have a feeling this thread is going to have a hard time staying on track

padib said:

After reading all the ASOIAF books, I don't know if I would read another opus but in game format it could be cool. Never heard of Cosmere before but it looks pretty nice.

Sanderson's books are far easier to read and imo better stories than ASOIAF. Definitely more interesting magic systems. I would highly recommend as someone who has read literally every book he has written.

Farsala said:

I think Movies and tv shows tend to be the better medium for massive series like that. If we could get another big hit like Lord of the Rings in the fantasy world, then that would be amazing.

This is probably true if all you want to do is tell the overall story. I do really hope movies/series get made out of Sanderson's core stories. Though I think he needs to be directly involved to ensure the integrity of the story is held true. 

The game could be good too if they don't do a typical EA-style money grab. It needs to be a big budget game that goes deep into the mythos, magic and characterization.