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Forums - General Discussion - True Wing Chun "design to kill" (bruce lee technique not used in his movies) banned in MMA

Wing chun is deadly it smash your fingers in opponents eyes in 1 millisecond causing opponent to go blind for rest of their life, practicioner eyegouging from win chun experts do this, certain thumb choke grab that'll kill a man and a oblique kick from a true wing chun master will break a leg in half not the weak jon jones oblige kick but the wing chun master oblique kick blow knee opponent and ball crushing though not in the video but in the movies bruce lee crushed opponents balls , wing chun is created to kill but as an art and the defence and leg tripping, It's dealier than any hand to hand combat sport becaue it's to meant to kill if necessary especially blind a man, throat crush, leg break on purpose etc and other illegal things not allowed in MMA even though bruce lee invented MMA also watch IP man movies in irl IP man was the teacher of bruce lee ip man killed heavyweight boxers and all hand to hand combat.

Young Bruce lee student still cant outdo IP man his real life teacher true story. Not all IP man movies are true just a few of them.

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All Martial Arts fighting styles are designed to kill and incapacitate - that's the point of fighting. Although you can theoretically try to strike to the eyes, it's very difficult to hit and very unlikely to knock someone out compared to the chin, nose, or side of the head.

The reason why it is "illegal" in MMA is that... well... real fights are over pretty fast so it's not entirely genuine. When people make contact (even accidental light taps) the person getting hit usually goes down immediately. That's why boxers wear huge pads on their hands.

This is kind of silly, there is no magical martial art that is so far ahead of other types of practised combat that some 80 year old monk could kill like say a trained, competent fighter three times his size.

And for the record I'm a huge Bruce Lee fan, and his teacher was Yip Man, and frankly both Bruce Lee and Yip Man would lose if they had to fight say, Muhammad Ali. He's simply way too big and way too strong (and contrary to Quentin Tarantino's fictionalized take on it, Bruce Lee said as much himself).

There has been a lot of discussion regarding martial arts lately due to this thing about "being effective in the octagon", and a lot of dudes not only proclaiming the superiority of MMA but also mocking other martial arts for being a "waste of time", ineffective fairytales, scams and several other things, you my man and leaning to the other side by writing those statements about the "letal" techniques of Wing Chung and how because of their dangerous life threatening nature they are banned from being used in MMA, that is a fallacious argument when a lot of other dangerous things are allowed in MMA, and also no, neither bruce lee nor Ip man had, at least that are docummented public sparring matches against boxers and other martial arts that only happened in movies.

What do we make about some current things going on in martial arts

Some martial arts have consolidated as of now, not because "they are the best" and the rest are trash as some people want make it, but because their practicallity in a short amount of time, make them the ones that have also refined themselves into ones that offer best returns for serveral types of situations that are also the most common, among them we have in no particular order:

* boxing
* Kickboxing
* Muay Thai
* Judo
* Wrestling
* some other south east asian martial arts
* maybe other that im forgetting

now it is obviously dependent in a lot of factors, but one of the main ones I can think of, is that in the other martial arts there are a lot of problems currently going on that hamper them to offer better results when compared against some of the martial arts listed above, for example i'm no fan of the tons of videos showing MMA dudes beating the crap out of karate, kungfu, wingchung, taichi and other "martial arts masters" because it only shows guys that are so delusional about being "grand masters" without never ever having truly had a sparring combat against someone, that they are an easy prey for guys wanting to make a fool of the martial arts that have become more of a sport or an exhibition thing like a dance.

There's certainly more than enough BS to go around in the world of martial arts. I get a kick out of videos about delusional bullshido artists getting painful reality checks as soon as they go up against any competently trained fighter, but I also enjoy seeing less common arts like judo and karate effectively applied in the cage. How you train is more important than what you train in. I'd put money on a 'sport' fighter who regularly spars/competes against fully noncompliant opponents with few holds barred over your average grandmaster of ancient or military arts totally designed to kill a man in one blow any day.

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that aint steven seagal

You guys should look at hangout thread I'm talking about Canelo vs Bivol 2 potencials now :)

Cute and honest Sega Saturn fan, also noone should buy Sega grrrr, Sega for life.

I recommend you watch people and various sources that try to make serious analyses of the martial arts and that study the history of martial arts and how they have changed with time, to know that there are a lot of things that intervene in a fight besides the "letality" of a style, things like for what is gonna be used, for example, if it's going to be just for physicall wellness and excercise, for sport competitions, for exhibition of forms, as a complement for gymnastics or fitness, for self defense, for policial or military training, for ritualistic or religious purposes etc. and how in a combat everything can happen due to a lot of factors like the body sizes, the weight, the age, the combat experience, the proficiency with the martial art and a lot more

if you understand spanish i recommend this guy and to look for the original videos his suscribers are sending him to analyze

in that videos we see how people are trying to make several kind of competitions and incorporate different rules to test their styles

and that neither the MMA nor the other martial arts are some kind of magic that automatically makes someone invincible

As for the bullshido videos they are funny and show the state some martial arts have fallen to in sometimes in some places

but tended to generalize to much, making it seem as if most martials arts besides MMA,BJJ,boxing and kickboxing were truly somekind of farce emerged from a McDojo as they called them.

i think steven seagal is the greatest martial artist to ever live 

Is that video satire? I can't really decide whether or not he's being serious.