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Forums - Sales Discussion - Warioware Get It Together sold less then a million in it's first month. How much are you expecting it to sell lifetime?


How many copies do you think that Warioware: Get It Together will sell during it's life?

Less then a million 0 0%
1 Million 10 29.41%
2 Million 16 47.06%
3 million 6 17.65%
4 million 0 0%
5 million 2 5.88%
>10million 0 0%

Personally I'm not expecting more then 2 million.

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I think 2mil is reasonable. It could have sold 800k or even over 900k up until the end of the quarter. Who knows? It likely won't be the best selling WarioWare sadly.
With 2mil it would be third though.,over%2021.73%20million%20copies%20worldwide.

Between 1 and 2 million seems reasonable given it didn't hit 1 million in its first month and the series' sales history.

I went with 2 million, because I think it'll finish closer to 2 than 1.

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Who knows, it could have solid legs a be a casual pick up title over the holidays. I don't think WarioWare is the type of game people rush to get at launch.

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The main benefit is that it cant fall of a cliff if its already rockbottom

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Wanted to like it, but I prefer the old way the microgames worked. It wasnt bad, just ok.

Around 3 million. For whatever reason, I'm optimistic, maybe because of the "Switch Effect". .

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Wman1996 said:

Around 3 million. For whatever reason, I'm optimistic, maybe because of the "Switch Effect". .

Eventually the Switch Effect has to go away. Consoles don't sell the same amount of software in their final year or two on the market compared to years 3/4.

Looks like this game needs to Get It Together if it wants to sell better.

I think it will cross the 1m mark, but not the 2m mark.