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Video games have come a long way with ideas and visuals and we have had some pretty decent horror games over the course of time. 

Growing up you would have played your first scary game, weather it was Resident Evil or PT. Games have been offering some very disturbing content. 

I played Zelda Ocarina of Time and those zombies might be laughable today however back than when games looks like they did in the 90s, scared the pants off me. They seem innocent until you get too close and they jump on you grappling you. Something you would never expect from a Zelda title. Zelda games definitely aren't as innocent as they look.

Playing Resident Evil, one of the scariest things i ever seen and had nightmares about was that infamous first scene.. yes the now cliche zombie head turn that is used in so many other games now.

This scene sent shivers down my spine and RE was considered the scariest game i have ever played in the mid 90s. 

However time has past and we have something that sticks in my mind every time i play the games and they continue to haunt me to this day. The most disturbing characters i have ever seen and still holds the crown in my Most scariest characters is the Necromorphs from Dead Space.

Yeah i know some are probably laughing thinking they aren't that scary however to me, they creep me out. The thing with other scary characters is the novelty can wear off after expereince more of the games. A good example would be the Lickers from RE2, they were extremely scary at first site but after awhile you can begin to deal with them like a regular enemy and they start to look like everything else. Necromorphs never lose there scare factors. 

Its not just how they look, yes they look creepy and disturbing in many ways i cannot explain, however its more than their looks. They may be dead but they have the attributes similar to a Alien in the Alien movies. They are fast, they crawl through vents, they have bone tissue blades that can cut through anything. You cant shoot them in the head, otherwise they start fraying around the place like a crazy madman, they will charge at you like an Olympic Sprinter. You can shoot their legs off, but they will crawl on the ground desperately trying to reach you. These things are the icon of the devil. They will kill you in the most brutal ways. The people are either alive or dead when they go through with the Necromorph phase. Ripping and tearing the human body apart, creating new tissue to create its own weapons from the human body's own flesh and bone. These things are designed to stay in your nightmares, regardless if you kill many in your journey playing Dead Space 1 to 3. They continue to remain the scariest thing iv played in a video game.

This makes me even more excited to play the new Dead Space Remake, that series knows exactly what you don't like and don't want to see (outside of the MTs in 3)

Whats your most scariest video game character you seen.

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These motherfuckers scared the living shit out of me when I was a kid. The redead might not look scary like this, but in the dark, with his red glowing eyes and his scream he was the scariest thing I had seen up until then.

Pretty much any enemy at the end of Zombi U.

Does the moon form Majora's Mask count as a character? That thing really freaked me out when I was a kid.

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Why???? succumbs :O Sega's Ecco the Dolphin

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I would say the dogs in the first Resident Evil. Not only are you screaming and jumping out of your screen, you're also franticly trying to mash buttons in an attempt to save your life lol.

On a side note though--I've found, strangely enough, that the better the graphics, the less scary a game is. I was far more creeped out by Silent Hill and Resident Evil when they were on PS1 than I was when they on more advanced systems. The Gamecube port being a prime example of this. Yes, it looks a billion times better. But is it as scary? As atmospheric? I personally didn't think so. There is something about having to fill in the blanks, so to speak, that makes games of this nature more effective.

But maybe that's just me?

These guys were kind of scary. They just never stop chasing you. Heck, every time you get to a town while they're after you, the townspeople sell you out because they're scared of them. They were straight-up a-holes. 

Then there's this guy:

JWeinCom said:

Pretty much any enemy at the end of Zombi U.

Mario does look freaky standing in the desert under the sun..

Man that Sun cracked me up first time seeing it.

curl-6 said:

That giant Eel was definitely some scary stuff back than. Graphics dont hold up well but at the time it was unexpected for a Mario game. Id always remember the first time seeing it. Also that music was golden.

OdinHades said:

Does the moon form Majora's Mask count as a character? That thing really freaked me out when I was a kid.

Most definitely. Knowing that you are on a time limit and that Moon is coming regardless, really puts you in panic stations when running on the last day. Also the thing looks absolutely creepy. Majora's Mask is a pretty dark game.