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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - I've got a Switch

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Speak your mind... by chosing a ridiculous poll answer.

Welcome to Switch! 23 41.82%
Aren't you a hater? 3 5.45%
B-B-BUT YOU CAN'T 1 1.82%
Knew you would surrender to Disgaea 6 5 9.09%
Whatever 5 9.09%
Now get a Series X 4 7.27%
Now get a PS5 1 1.82%
You can't play LoD on it tho 13 23.64%

Yeah, just got one shippee today.

Sadly I've ruined the cheap protective screen I'vs bought for it while messing with it (got all dusty before I placed it) so I'll wait to get another one shipped in 3 days to ever try to dock it.

I've bought no games for it tho, they are just too expensive and never drop price around here, in fact I got the Switch because a coworker offered to lend me several games so I won't have to spend anymore in a good while and decided to go for it.

I'll eventually buy Disgaea 6 for my disgust as I hate what NIS did, but I'm far too into it to skip it.

I've got BotW here for now, and I'm pretty excited to finally play it in some days.

Here goes some pics I took, including a selfie for proof.