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Forums - Sony Discussion - First look: Box art for upcoming PS5 games (Spider-Man/ Godfall)

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the blue casing throws it off imo

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I dont dislike it, so theres that.
The blue casing should be plain transparent tho.

Vs Ps4


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Don't like it. Should be black and white like the console.

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Don't know if i like the white banner

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That's so damned lazy.

I would have preferred a black banner over the white one.

Its like they inversed the PS3 box art. Looks clean. I think I prefer it over PS4 one. Still keeps the blue in there for the case, for the brand which is a nice touch.

Yep. It's box art.

It's too similar to PS4. Similar Wii U boxes in the US looked too much like Wii boxes.

Some fans concepts. Th the blue concept one reminds me of PAL Dreamcast boxes.

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