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You concerned yet?

Yes 83 47.98%
No, but I will be followi... 50 28.90%
No, its being overblown 40 23.12%

No need to panic. the people that die are the very old and people who had other preexisting conditions, outside of china theres only been 1 death in the philipines and even in china most provinces have 0 deaths. If you are healthy and you get it you are likely to recover

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FarleyMcFirefly said:
Chicho said:

That is fucking scary... It is going to end up being close to 50% mortality rate.

I have never been this scared in my life. The world as we know it is going to change drastically... 

All these thoughts keep going through my head....

Now I'm scared my daughter won't get to grow up... Or that if she does she won't have any family left to look after her....

I've had this sense of impending doom for the last week... Non stop. I'm surprised I haven't had a heart attack yet.

Recovered doesn't mean what you think it does. It's very likely a subset of the critical condition cases and far from everyone who is quarantineed or confirmed to be infected, since that's how chinese papers on Lancet are treating the data.

For instance, was SARS at 100% mortality rate before mid April and 66% after that?

We're likely at the point where we can estimate mortality rates fairly well since the sample wtih this many cases is fairly reliable as it was the case for Ebola:

Also, seek a therapist man. You seem far, far more at risk of being a victim of anxiety or something, for real.






John2290 said:
vivster said:

Wait what? How? What did they do to make you think that?

Warch and listen to their statments and updates, don't read them. The official declaration itself of a global hazard was as if China had a damn gun to the dudes head. It seems like that announcment was at least 48 hours delayed, how many lives in the future could have been saved in those 48 hours. 

Again, how?

I have a feeling you severely overestimate the operational impact the WHO has. They have about as much influence on the world's health as the UN has on the world's politics.

If you demand respect or gratitude for your volunteer work, you're doing volunteering wrong.

I appreciate those who responded to me. I also apologize, I let my anxiety get the best of me and I disclosed too much personal information. I used to just worry about myself, but now its family too...


19,000+ confirmed cases, and 414 deaths.

Experts suspect there could be over 300,000 infected by now.
Its sad that you can just watch the numbers grow day by day.

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It landed in Ireland today and the crazy government let the people on the plane with the patient just go about their dat with a warning not to contact too many people. Should have been quarantined. I'll be so pissed off if it spreads here to a death toll when it could have been stopped or slowed down.


China Numba wan!!

20574 confirmed cases 426 deaths and 644 recovered. Only 1 death has been outside of China.

The mortality rate outside of Hubei is actually 0.16% at the moment, rather similar to past flu outbreaks in previous decades. Of course, some cases are likely yet to develop (to bacterial or viral pneumonia for instance) but I'm strongly suspecting the virus is far, far more widespread in Hubei than the number of registered suspected cases - and potentially has been for months -, but medics and authorities only started to notice an uptick in respiratory diseases once winter began.

I mean, a province the size of Hubei has to register at least 800 - 1600 flu deaths a month in winter, educately extrapolating from US and Europe statistics, so it's reasonable to assume the epidemic wouldn't have been noticed right away and not only because the chinese government had supressed "alarmists".






23865 infected and 490 dead now. Especially the death toll is seemingly rising faster now with each passing day.

Bofferbrauer2 said:
23865 infected and 490 dead now. Especially the death toll is seemingly rising faster now with each passing day.

Deaths are 15.5% up versus cases being 19.0% up today. Relatively speaking, it's the slowest daily increase so far, so it's basically the other way around.