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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Best Nintendo console name


I think the best is...

NES 7 7.45%
Super NES 22 23.40%
Nintendo 64 8 8.51%
Gamecube 19 20.21%
Wii 12 12.77%
Switch 26 27.66%

A name can go a long way in giving a console recognition and appeal; a confusing or just plain bad name (cough*WiiU*cough*XboxOne*cough) can damage its selling power, while one that's cool, catchy, and clearly communicates the system's value proposition can help it gain traction.

Unlike Sony, Nintendo haven't adopted a unified numbered naming system, and have given each of their platforms its own name.

Which Nintendo console do you feel had the best name, and what specifically do you think made it good?

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Well we didn't call them the NES and the SNES when they were on the market. They were the Nintendo and the Super Nintendo. Certainly we would call them NES and SNES in the following years. (Conversely, the PS2 was always the PS2 and we only started calling the Playstation the PS1 after the PS2's release.) But I still pick Switch. Maybe it's just because I'm so happy with the system right now.

Ultra 64 would have been the best console name. But it is what it is so ill go with Nintendo 64.

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The best one is Wii, hands down.

Very risky, and just perfect. For handhelds, I really like Gameboy.

Gameboy and Wii kind of go together many ways..

Gamecube for me. It's sounds like "Playstation", resonates with the Game Boy, basically says "I am your power house for games".

But Super Nintendo is also cool. And fo the Switch, they should've gone with another "Game X" type of name.

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Nintendo 64, can't get anymore perfect than that in terms of marketing at that time.


I'd go with Gamecube. It plays games and its cubed shaped. Cute little bastard.

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NX, 'nough said

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The name "Super Nintendo" just perfectly communicates exactly what every gamer at the time wanted. It's just like the popular Nintendo, but it's super powered.