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Should they make Fast and the Furriest a real thing?

YES! 10 90.91%
No. 1 9.09%
Unsure 0 0%

Due to the amazing hype and success of Mario Kart 8 on both WiiU and Switch, what would gamers think if Xbox created there own Kart Racing game? Well Rare had ideas on it awhile ago.

For those who haven't played Rare's Replay (Shame on you) Here is a clip of one of the hidden Videos you can unlock in the game. Rare alone have enough characters to fill in a full fledge roster without including any of MS's other IPs like Lucky from Super Lucky's Tales and Joule Adams from Recore to Ori who we all know.

From the Creators of Diddy Kong Racing

What are your thoughts, would this be a great announcement for 2018 E3 or just a waste of time and effort and they should work on something completely different?

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I didn't watch the video. but something like a spiritual successor to diddy kong racing would be great. but somehow I neither trust rare or nintendo to do it right.

Sure! I’d always like more arcade racing games focused on local multiplayer. Adding a substantial adventure more, like the one in DKR, would make it even more enticing.

Would be great, they should definitely do it.

Yes, definitely. Something like this is dramatically lacking on the XOne.

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Yeah I've always wanted a Kart Racer spinoff, It'd also give Motorsport/Horizon more development time.

There's a rumour right now that Electric Square is working on a 3rd Forza series, that part is as good as confirmed with the boss of Turn 10 signing a contract with them but most seem to be predicting that it will be a Kart Racer type game, one of the images from the studio shows a cartoony looking car.

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That would be amazing =).

I think this would be great but I wonder if it would sell well at all.

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would be a great addition to MS's racing franchises, just don't mess it up with loot crates.