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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - The Switch 1 year Anniversary thread!


Bought the Switch at launch?

Yes. 18 60.00%
No. 12 40.00%

It's March the 3rd 2018, and the Switch is now 1 year old. How time flies. Currently sits at 14.5m (VGC) and has over 800 titles out or in the works. It has surpassed it's predecessor within the year. It was released with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which is one of the highest rated games ever and currently is on its way to becoming the most successful Zelda title.

I remember being stuck at an airport for 6 hours, playing my Switch (BotW) all the way through those horrible waiting times. Actually taking my game with me (I play about 90% docked) was a very pleasant experience. The Switch concept was on point.

Anyone else wants to share good memories and moments with the Switch?

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Happy birthday!

I love my Switch more than I loved my Wii U, and that truly means a lot to me.

Beautiful pictures, by the way!

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Time sure does fly.

Happy birthday!!!! Yeah i got mine day one, BotW blew me away absolutely fantastic game.

Yeah. I shared a pretty good memory with the Switch. Those first dozen or so hours exploring Breath of the Wild, and having it regularly beat me over the head was very fun. It truly felt like exploring another world, when you'd scale up these flat mountains in the tropics and come face to face with a giant enemy archer who'd one shot you. Good times.

Playing Mario Odyssey and getting to Wooded Kingdom for the first time - having your jaw drop once the theme started kicking in. Damn, that was great! Or when you first go to the Seaside Kingdom and take over a tiny squid to fly up in the air. Pretty damn fun times.

At the same time I do remember a lot of the bad. Xenoblade 2's terrible blur effect and bad resolution. Splatoon 2 locking players out from game modes. Having to still sit at the title screen of the game and hear some annoying announces bug you. Oh, and the disappointment that was Arms. But ultimately, the good definitely outwayed the bad, and it was a pretty damn good year. Hopefully they can get even better.

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Really fun little device, only have it for a little over 7 mos., can't wait for the exclusives to be shown on E3 or a Direct, whichever comes first.


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Played 3 games the first year. Can't wait for the next three games this year.

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vivster said:
Played 3 games the first year. Can't wait for the next three games this year.

Yeah I agree, Played over 20 games the first year. Can't wait for the next twenty games this year.

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Happy Birthday Switch!

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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vivster said:
Played Rocket League the first year. Can't wait for more Rocket League this year.