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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Available now.

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Just if anyone had listened to any of the sites suggesting this would be on the eshop at Noon today like most Eshop games... nope it became downloadable right at midnight.

Letsa Go!

Got my copy downloading now feel free to add me @ 0331 3001 2562 if you wanna destroy someone who hasn't played MK since MK Wii haha.

Why not check me out on youtube and help me on the way to 2k subs over at

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Not since the Wii, huh? Well someone is in for a hell of an upgrade.

Amazon tomorrow, I'm going mostly physical with the Switch hehe.

Definitely thinking about digital after seeing the GameXplain break down of the improved load times. Someone recommend me a good microSD card I can pick up at Target, por favor.

Waiting for amazon T_T

Oh well, nothing beats 20% off physical


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Have mine waiting at gamestop, gonna pick up tomorrow.

Looking forward to it :D

I'm going digital. As soon as I get home from work, I'm downloading.

Had it for 9 hours now, yay Australia

i am still waiting on mine from amazon

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KLXVER said:
Not since the Wii, huh? Well someone is in for a hell of an upgrade.

Yeah, MKwii was probably one of the worst games in the series (if not the), MK8 with all the DLC and now a battle mode looking to be one of the best...

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