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Highly Doubt it. Nintendo has thrown around the name NX tons of times so they probably don't want anyone mistaking the NX as something else for legal reasons.

Nooooo. Its just a project name that Nintendo is letting developers as a way to annouce their upcoming games. Nintendo does want to appear to be left out when aren't. They gotta give 3rd party some way to annouce games for Nintendo's next console.

Doubt it, it's probably just that because Nintendo still has't revealed the NX


If they didnt announce it now - I doubt people will flock to it when the game actually comes out.

Create a buzz now to keep interest when the time comes.


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Nope. Well... Never say never. Same thing happened with Nintendo DS.. it was codename DS then they decided that was the name. So you never know.   

The NX name has become quite popular. Maybe they stick. But that font is too plain to be final.

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I'm still rooting for Nintendo Revolution!

It's most likely a placeholder until Nintendo announces the official name of the NX (assuming that the final name won't be "NX").

Nintendo Inifite could work as the final name for NX, with NX still being in the logo:
Though I do like Nintendo Revolution, too. It was the perfect name back in the day, as the codename for Wii.