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Forums - Gaming Discussion - The Nintendo NX will be dead on Arrival.

I dont need to watch the Sony E3 conference, know what the neo is, know the full specs of the scorpio. Mark my words, the NX will be outdated compared to them, and its library will be extremely lacking. 


VR, 4K, third parties, many exclusives, streaming and already established install bases (30M+ for XB and 60M+ for PS) by the time the NX will release, a huge libarary of games and among many other things, thats what NX is up against. and what ever their "new way to play is", the industry is headed where PS and Xbox are headed, and it wont be able to compete. 


The NX, what ever it is, will be dead on arrival. the only place it can find its legs will be japan, if it has a handheld counter part

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I hope it is a portable that can be connected to the TV.

That and first party titles would be the only reason why I would get it.


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Thanks for the info Happy McSunshine.

Ok my friend...

Remember when the Revolution was deemed to be dead on arrival.

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As a general rule, I don't click on any "NX" threads for any reason whatsoever. I think I've clicked on two my entire life. Anyway, I'm 90% sure I skipped an NX thread with pretty much this exact same title!

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NX will certainly have its work cutout for it but I wouldn't count it out yet since we don't know what it is exactly... Once we get more info, it will be easier to predict for me


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KLXVER said:
Thanks for the info Happy McSunshine.


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You're right about one thing. The industry is headed where PS and Xbox are headed.

And it's a shame.

But I think Nintendo can carve out a corner of the industry for itself. It doesn't need to offer 4K resolution, eight cores, or six teraflops. It just needs an attractive price point and a steady supply of Nintendo games, with a few interesting third-party games filling in the gaps. Nintendo doesn't need to sell 80 million units. It just needs to turn a consistent profit. 

Yeah. That's what they get for abandoning gamers in favour of casuals with the Wii.

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